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Communication is significant in order to understand the message or response. What is happening around the world cannot be examined by sitting at home without using any device. Such information or messages are communicated and broadcasted via radio. Although there is also television but radio is much inexpensive, portable and easy to handle device. This just offers the audio facility in order to hear what is conveyed.

Radio possesses a tiny speakers and set of buttons with small antenna which is somehow not present in modern designs. Radio waves are utilized to carry sound and certain sort of modulation is done to alter the property of data in order to make it supportable.

To buy radios online, just keep in mind the type you require. Then ponder on the catalog displayed on official website of Kaymu and initiate inserting your favorite goods into wish list. Radios’ online shopping is amusing as you do not have to waste your time in finding the right product and you are even thrilled because of large variety on site.

Radio kinds

Some of the radio kinds encompass AM and FM radio, satellite radio, shortwave radio and walkie-talkie. All these sorts slightly differ in traits. When you require the most common kind, then it is AM and FM radio. This device comprises of technology dependent upon amplitude modulation and frequency modulation. Somehow people usually prefer FM one because of lack of noise and clear sound. Moving just above AM radio band, then there is range of frequencies from 1.7 megahertz to 30 megahertz. This is property of shortwave radio. For more good sound quality and nationwide coverage, satellite radios are apt. Rechargeable radio on the other hand is much more comfortable to carry and has the feature to recharge the battery to use it for longer period of time. Some also display the clock and are known to be the clock radios.

Finest features of radios

Although all the radios do not possess such features but they are interesting to be considered. They add extra functionality to device enhancing the thrill for viewers in order to purchase them.


If getting out of bed in morning is hard for you then have a radio with alarm feature. Such radios in Nepal allow you to set days and exact time.


This feature is not there in old models but newer ones are handling this quite well. The old buttons and traditional knobs are absent so the fingers can be utilized to alter channels and volume.

Remote control

If you are sitting far away from radio and do not want to leave the comfortable sofa or bed to change channel or increase volume then get the benefit of remote control.

Recording function

If the song played on radio is your favorite then no worries, you can also record it. The recording function in some radios is present to help you out.

USB port

Either you want to connect other devices, recharge the radio or play music, the USB ports can assist a lot.