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Get a Perfect Badminton Racquet

Badminton is a racquet sport game played by hitting a shuttlecock across the net. Could be played in singles or doubles. It is a sport usually played outside and with the joyful weather, people in Nepal enjoy this to the fullest. Badminton accessories includes a racquet, court net, badminton shuttlecock and proper suiting for playing. Selection of a badminton racquet could be daunting and confusing due to wide variety available. Many people tend to buy racquets which their favorite player uses to play, this is a common mistake. Every individual has a unique style of playing this sport therefore, choose which racquet is suitable for you. Before buying a racquet analyze yourself whether you play with control or strength?

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How can you select the Best Racquet?

There are certain features to keep in mind on which your purchase should depend;


With the present technology, a good badminton racquet shall weigh between 85 - 92 grams (without string and grip). A heavy racquet is considered as a power racquet and these assemble more momentum while swing hence, giving you more power. Lighter racquets are considered to have a better control. Badminton racquets for kids are usually lighter in weight, so that it gets easier for them to play.


Balance Point

Check balance of your racquet since this is important to play a proper sports. Find out racquet’s balance point by placing your finger in the center. If the finger is closer to racquet’s head, it has a higher balance point and it is more of a power racquet. Finger closer to handle, more of a control racquet. Keep in mind this aspect while getting your badminton racquet. . Buy these badminton racquets online in Nepal at Kaymu, which also guides you to buy a perfect piece.


Stiffness of Shaft

While choosing a racquet another thing to keep in mind is the stiffness and flexible nature. Flexible racquet can bend easily whereas, stiff can hardly bend. This is of mere importance because balance and weight could be adjusted but stiffness is fixed. For a beginners level flexible racquets are suitable, this is because not much strength is required in exerting a shot. A stiff or hard racquet for advanced and intermediate level players would be a perfect choice.

Shape of the Frame

When choosing a badminton racquet also look for the shape of the frame. There are two types; isometric (square shaped) and conventional (oval) frame. The only difference is the sweet spot which is usually the center. Shuttlecock will be hit excellently if it is hit at this sweet spot. Isometric has larger sweet spot which means more quality shots will be produced. Conventional has smaller, but if shuttle lands on it a good shot will be produced.

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