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From the high resolution prints of your party pictures to the high quality print-outs of your next college assignment, there is a printer available at Kaymu for just about any requirement. By exploring different types of printers available in the market, one can make the best possible purchase. With Kaymu as your online shopping community, you get complete access to the types of printers in Nepal and their prices that can help you in your different home and office needs. There are many different companies around the world manufacturing a wide variety of printers. Please read Kaymu's guide on how different types of printers can help you with your requirements at home, office, photography business or in studies.

Types of Printers Available at Kaymu Nepal

Whether you are searching for HP printers or Canon Printers for your home or office or you admire printers from any other brand, Kaymu's online shopping community can help you buying the printer that best defines your requirements.

Inkjet Printers:

The inkjet printers help producing rich and detailed graphics. They are also a great source of creating crisp text documents. The inkjet printers spray tiny droplets of ink directly onto paper. The reason for popularity of inkjet printers is their low prices however the cost per print of these printers is higher than the LaserJet printers. The inkjet printers are best for home and office uses however they are not suitable for settings where bulk printing is done. You can also find photo printers using Inkjet technology at Kaymu's online marketplace.

LaserJet Printers:

These are the most economical printers and one-time investment. Although the initial cost of the laser jet printers is undoubtedly a little higher than inkjets but this investment pays back in the long run in the form of cost efficient printing. The LaserJet printers are best for commercial settings, educational institutions and for the places where a lot of printing is required. The LaserJet printers come in black & white and color models as per requirements.

All in One Printers:

These are ideal choice for those who require all their tasks done at a single place. The all-in-one printers save a lot of space and are the most modern form of printers. They come with a built-in scanner, printer, photo copier and even a fax machine. Now you will no longer require buying scanners, printers, photocopiers and fax machines individually. All these jobs are done by a single machine, which is not very expensive as well. Most of the all-in-one printers these days make use of LaserJet technology because it is cost efficient however they are also available in Inkjet technology.

Features to Consider When Buying Printers Online

There are many different things that need to be considered when you buy a printer. For instance, the Wi-Fi feature with modern printers lets them share without a network cable to the computers in entire building. Moreover there are other features such as memory card reader, USB flash drive connectivity, touch screen display, printer speed, duplexing and a lot more. If you are in search of latest printer prices in Nepal you can trust sellers with good ratings at Kaymu for your printer buying needs.