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Portable speakers are undoubtedly one of the handiest devices in the modern day as they give you an opportunity to listen to the hi-fi music anywhere anytime. Also portable speakers are better option than Hheadphones to listen music. No matter you are at home or on the move, with chargeable portable speakers, music is always with you. Kaymu being the largest online shopping community of Nepal offers portable speakers in all sizes, models and designs with different technologies to suit your business needs.

Portable Speakers in Nepal Available at Kaymu

Sellers at Kaymu offer portable speakers from all renowned brands including Beats, Samsung, Harman KardonJBL and many more. Below are the details about the types of portable speakers that you may find at Kaymu:

Laptop Speakers

The range of laptop speakers offered by Kaymu sellers include portable as well as fixed speakers for laptop. The standard laptop speakers that require a live power plug are not included in the category of portable laptop speakers. Those which are powered by the USB port of a laptop are in fact the portable speakers for laptop. The louder volume of speakers drains battery fast whereas so you should try to keep the volume low or medium to enjoy best battery timings and performance for your speakers. The general features of laptop speakers include the bass and ultra-bass functions, volume control, on-off buttons, drivers and more.

Novelty Speakers

The novelty speakers are not chosen for their quality but for the fun they bring. They are usually manufactured in different shapes such as cold drink tins cans, animal shapes, cigarette cases and more. Many models of novelty speakers also come with water resistance feature. These are not recommended for music fanatics since their sound quality is not very good. One of the best purposes of novelty speakers is that they make great gifts for our loved ones.

Pocket Speakers

As the name shows, the pocket speakers are made especially to fit your pocket. They are the portable speakers designed for those who love listening to music while they are on the move. The pocket speakers at Kaymu come with rechargeable batteries that offers sufficient backup time. You may connect them with your mp3 player, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or any other device that supports 3.5mm audio jack.

Bluetooth Speakers

The Bluetooth speakers, as their name shows, come with Bluetooth connectivity option. They also come with USB ports and standard audio jack as alternative connectivity sources. These speakers can be connected to any device that features Bluetooth connectivity. This allows audio device to stream wirelessly to the speakers. Majority of the people prefer buying Bluetooth portable speakers over all other types of speakers because they do not require leaving their audio player on the top of speakers.

Features to Consider in Portable Speakers

The common features you need to consider while buying portable speakers include the quality of sound at the top of the list followed by compatibility with other devices, speaker size and additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity, built-in battery, wireless connectivity, memory card compatibility and USB drive compatibility. Kaymu's online marketplace offers sellers of all popular brand offering portable speakers at affordable pricing. To know about the latest portable speakers price in Nepal you may browse our available products at and buy the one that suits your needs.