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Latest PlayStation games at Kaymu Nepal

The Sony PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world. Over the period of time, the brand has made newer versions of these device and every version has a new set of games that can be played on it. PlayStation Games are a complete package because you get the best and a complete wholesome experience with them. You can shop for the largest range right here along with the best PlayStation games prices in Nepal as well.

Genres of Games

When you are to buy PS4 games in Nepal, you need to look at the genre of the games. For the newer versions, there are multiple genres added along with having a number of fresh features. When buying these, always look at the rating of the games to see if they are appropriate for your age or the person you intend to buy them for. Kaymu has a wide selection of PSP games, with fast delivery and excellent prices.

First Person Shooter Games

These games have a single character that is the main lead. This character is primarily controlled by the player with their controller. The benefit of these is that they are highly realistic because you have a direct perspective on the action. These games generally have a high level of shooting along with a number of combats such as jumping, climbing, running and crouching behind any object. These are intense games that are highly fast paced. You have the option of playing these PS3 games online as well.

Role Playing Games

These games generally have a single person on an adventure or a group of adventurers as well that are controlled by the player. Each of the characters has a special skill or a task that they are on that becomes a part of the whole sphere. They usually have to explore the world or have to uncover a difficult story line. Most of the time, supernatural creatures or science fiction elements are present here as well.

Sports Games

These games are for all the sports fanatics there are. Sports games focus on a particular sport such as football, soccer or golf. The number of characters on screen depends on the type of the game. Moreover, in games such as football or basketball, you have the ability to switch between the players to test out various levels of skills. There is a great deal of virtual play present here. These PSP games prices are slightly high because they are in direct relation to a specific team or a certain league.

Racing Games

These have a number of different tracks that increase their level of difficulty with each progressing level. The players have to race on each track, face obstacles and beat others in order to win. Generally, if a player wins a race, they have the opportunity to upgrade from their current standing or have the facility to buy more items. These have the option of having a story line but more so focus on the racing element of the game.