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Manufactured by Sony, PlayStations have changed the entire course of gaming industry. These devices provide an ultimate gaming experience to the users through gorgeous user interface and an easy transition to the other games. With tantalizing technologies, developed designs, and a wide range of games, these are the generation's leading gaming consoles. Buying gaming consoles in Nepal is no more a problem, as the latest gaming devices are available at Kaymu, where each PlayStation or PSP price in Nepal is based on its model.

Popular PlayStation models available for you

With the advancement of technology, each PlayStation model is better than its predecessor since it includes upgraded features. Currently, there are two models of these game consoles that are popular among the gamers.

PlayStation 3

This gaming console is the successor of PlayStation 2. As compared to Nintendo DS, it enables the gamers to do high-definition gaming. The device has a super slim design and also features stereoscopic 3D gaming. Through PSN connectivity PlayStation 3 provides a number of options for video and music streaming.

PlayStation 4

Having incredible graphics, audio and a vast library of games, there is no better gaming device today than PlayStation 4.  With unmatched content, apps and games, Sony PlayStation 4 in Nepal is the most advanced gaming console. This console stresses on social integration so that gamers can off-console games on other devices.

Features of PlayStation 4 you must know

PlayStation delivers an immersive experience to the gamers. Being ultra-fast, rich in graphics and having a powerful memory, these devices have created ground-breaking excitement among the customers since their launch so you may buy PS4 console online from Kaymu.

Mind-blowing visuals

One of the biggest features of PlayStation, are their visuals. Graphics as well visual technology used in these console is the major factor in its sales. Technologies including shaders, real-time lighting, 500GB hard drive in its system as well as artificial intelligence and texture mapping, makes it the best next generation console.


The DualShock controllers are wireless, featuring clickable touchpad, thumb sticks, light bar, shoulder buttons, headphone jack, share button, etc. these features offer new gaming possibilities and potential as well as rising controlling sense of the gamers. Therefore PS4 console and controller in Nepal helps in incorporating ways for quicker interaction between the games and the players.

PlayStation Plus

A PlayStation Plus subscription enables you to play free games of any genre. This features also helps in the back-up of the files so that they can be saved. Plus provides automatic updates of systems, automatic demo, trophy sync, etc. This feature is absent in Nintendo hand-held devices which lag in technology as compared to PS4.


Taking advantage of the extra RAM, PS 4 allows the gamers to do multitasking. PS Vita enables the gamers to run several apps simultaneously, without quitting the game. You can retrieve game invites, browse helpful gaming tips or anything else you want.

Gaming consoles prices in Nepal are quite reasonable at Kaymu where their accessories are also available at lower rates.