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The perfumes have always been successful in evoking emotional memories and is cherished and appreciated by a vast majority of people around the world. The cosmetics companies and the retailers earn billions of rupees each year by selling perfumes to people all over the world. According to a study, the major perfume brands release hundreds of new perfumes every year helping every man and woman around the world to find their signature fragrance.

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Understanding Perfume Notes

The fragrance that is extracted out of a single source which may include a rose, lavender etc. is known as a note in perfumes terminology. A fragrance note comes in three different ranges including the high note, mid-range note and the low note. The notes may be extracted from many different natural sources however they are also synthesized by the renowned brands like Dunhill, Azzaro, Revlon, Versace, Victoria's Secret, Bvlgari, 212 Perfume, Poison and many more. Technically speaking, there are top notes, middle notes and base notes, each suitable for a person with different expectations. Whether you are buying perfumes for men or for women, the top, middle or base notes are all suitable for different settings. Perfumes from Chanel, Escada, Calvin Klein and all other renowned brands are available at Kaymu Nepal.

Perfume Concentrations Available at Kaymu

At Kaymu you can find all kinds of men's and ladies perfumes in Nepal with different concentrations. Our sellers have in stock, Extrait perfumes that comprise thirty to forty percent of fragrance oil. The Eau de Perfume comes with twenty to thirty percent of perfume oil in perfumer's alcohol. The Eau de Toilet perfumes are also available at Kaymu to help you staying confidence at parties and formal events. The Eau de Toilet perfumes comprise ten to twenty percent of perfume oils. At Kaymu you can also buy body mists in all kinds of fragrances that suit your requirements. These perfume mists contain only two to three percent of fragrance oil mixed in water and alcohol. Moreover, the body splash or body lotions from brand like Hugo Boss, BVLGARI, Davidoff, Burberry etc. are also available at Kaymu's online marketplace.

Fragrances Families for Women's Perfumes

Perfumes for women are usually divided in some major categories which include oriental, floral, fruity, gourmand and many other types of perfumes. The oriental perfumes also known as amber scents or animalic scents come with a radiant and warm fragrance. The floral perfumes as the name suggests are made out of fragrances extracted from different flowers. The fruity scents are made from the fruit extracts and the gourmands give the smell of chocolates, cotton candy, pastry and more.