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There may be different reasons to why you buy a specific desktop, some need to store large amounts of data on it while others are simply buying it for the price. There are always more than a few aspects on play prior to final decision. At office you want a machine that is not too noisy. Apple desktops are super silent but at home you would compromise that for a lower price of HP desktops. An all in one desktop computer in Nepal comprises of a little bit of everything. It is a computer that is pre-loaded with windows. It has advanced multimedia features and in case you have missed something there should be numerous slots for expansion. While a branded computers in Nepal is a safe bet, there are many other affordable all in one computer as well.

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People are aware of what is available in the markets more than ever. Computer geeks want a desktop that is packed with features instead of merely its brand name. The also do not want to compromise on the design; a plain black plastic box looks boring and very uncool. Today you will find many desktop brands that come in multiple case color options. There are all in one desktops that come with a key board mouse combo as well. So if you like the red glow light through the cpu window it comes with a glow keyboard and mouse too. Similarly you can opt for an all in one metallic CPU, mouse and keyboard in space grey. Coordinated gadgets look great when put together. The cyber power PC gamer ultra is one such computer on our list and added bonus is that it comes with a Dual dvd drive!

Choose from Several Tower Options in Desktops

While most PCs available at Kaymu come in a mid-sized tower option you may other tower lengths as well. Depending on how much space you need inside of the cpu and how much space you have to put the CPU at, you can find the perfect computer for you. If you are a heavy user of the machine, and leave it on for longer periods of time then you need a larger tower to fit in multiple fans to control cooling. If you are buying the machine for a younger sibling who is new to computer then a mini tower is affordable and smaller in size as well. There are some towers in an unusual cube cases as well but people generally buy the conventional shape. No matter what you will be using your desktop for everyone needs a USB port. This is where you connect USB cables of USB flash drives, smart phones, MP3 players, cameras, tablets and so on. Data transfer has become one of the prime functions of a computer people move pictures from phones to external hard drives and desktop links the too. When buying an all in one desktop computer in Nepal, look for a CPU that has easy to reach, multiple usb ports. The speed should also be efficient so you can transfer heavy files quickly.

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People nowadays prefer products which are multifunctional and easy to use. Gone are the days when you would have a specific device to perform a specific function. One device which offers you multiple benefits of both the laptop and a desktop computer is All in One computers. HP all in one computers offer great quality. If you are looking to customize the computer, Dell is the best option. Lenovo Laptops offer the best value for money. You can get the best all in one computers price in Nepal online at Kaymu.

How to buy a great all in one computer online

All in one computers in Nepal are great for a number of reasons. They offer the benefits of both laptop and desktop computer. If you usually use your device in one place and don't carry it around with you too much, an all in one computer is perfect for you. There are many leading manufacturers offering quality devices to different market segments. No matter what your needs and requirements are, you will find a device perfectly suited to your needs.

Things to consider when buying All in One computers in Nepal

Here are some things to consider when purchasing a device online.

  • Display

Display size can really make a huge difference in the overall visual experience of the user. Screen resolution makes all the difference in a great visual experience and a bad one. Nowadays, HD screens have become a norm. A good screen resolution starts from 720P and goes all the way up to ultra HD 4K resolution. There is some debate going on that after a certain limit, the human eye is incapable of noticing visible differences in high definition screens.

  • Size

The size of the screen matters a lot. A large screen offers viewers clear view of everything going on. For anyone picky on attention to detail, a large screen will come in pretty handy. Add to it a quality screen resolution and you will get an amazing experience. One thing to note though is that screen resolution plays the most important role in viewing experience. A higher screen resolution on a smaller screen is superior to a lower screen resolution on a larger screen.

  • Specs

Finally, you have to consider the specs of the computer. Specs include RAM, processor, battery life, storage capacity and operating system. All can have a major say in the overall performance of the computer. A higher RAM and processor means that the computer will perform powerfully and be fast. The storage capacity allows you to store documents and files on the computer. It is always preferable to have a higher internal storage in order to reduce the possibility of getting an external hard drive.

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