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If you are thinking that it is easy and simple to go and buy conventional ovens, then you might have not gone for shopping recently because there is a whole new range of ovens in the market. Now it is not as simple as before, you really get confused by the latest features and it has become difficult to make a buying decision. Kaymu Nepal offers you a wide range of conventional and microwave ovens to choose from with the best available prices. We have all the models of conventional ovens and toaster ovens of well-known brands like Baltra and Black & Decker.

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There are two main types of ovens which are gas and electric ovens. You have to decide which kind if oven you want for your kitchen. Once you have decided the type, you have to decide on the features. There are single ovens, dual range ovens and wall ovens. The budget need to be decided also, as there is a wide range of prices when it comes to oven, all depends on the features and the use of latest technology.

You might know the standard features of a typical oven but we will give you a brief description of what you need to look for. There are multiple adjustments racks in an oven which get adjusted according to whatever height you want. Door locks are there to prevent hazards while the oven is being washed. A window is also given in the door so that you can see what is cooked and how much it is cooked. A light will also be there so that you can properly look at the food. A broil is another important features which gives direct heat on the food. The latest technologies that have been added to these conventional ovens include infrared screens, touch systems and self-cleaning cycles. These features enhance the experience of using an oven.

Latest Toasters in Nepal

Toaster ovens come with a variety of new features also.Toaster ovens have certain advantages over microwave ovens. They use less electricity than microwave ovens. They can perform a variety of tasks including toasting, reheating, baking, broiling, browning, warming, and roasting. These ovens are handy and easy to use. Usually hostel students keep one toaster oven for heating purposes. These ovens are easy to use also. Mostly the toasters have non-stick trays, control buttons and shut-off sounds. Now toasters also have infrared systems and touch systems. Toaster prices in Nepal also vary according to the features they are providing.

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Now your home appliances shopping also becomes easy and comfortable as you do need to go the crowded markets anymore because Kaymu Nepal gives you a chance to buy all the products sitting at home. Our free-shipping and cash on delivery services allow you to enjoy your online kitchen appliances shopping experience instead of dreading it. Kaymu makes sure to assist buyers and sellers in the best ever way and provide the buyers with best available prices. Have a Happy Shopping experience!