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There are many different kinds of plastic chairs each complementing a different kind of garden. The plain white rot iron delicate chairs are perfect for a vintage garden. If you are looking for more practical chairs, then the pipe plastic chairs have a simple design and they easily glide on grass ( both dry and wet). Rather than buying individual chairs you can also buy a complete outdoor garden set in Nepal. This includes a stack of four chairs, match round table and an umbrella. Tables are very important in outdoor furniture as you can you them for setting tea and brunch snacks. Umbrellas can be polled in the center for maximum coverage but the center pole can be a bit annoying for a group of people so if you are buying it with the intent of throwing parties then an umbrella with is movable pole is perfect for you. Gazebos are also marvelous party furniture for outdoors. They are waterproof tents that may or may not be open from the sides. The walls of gazebos are usually made from sheer fabrics such as organza for decorative purposes.

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We spend hours every day cleaning our houses from mud and dust. This dirt usually accumulates from shoes that we wear outside of the house and then bring the same shoes in. Actually what should be done is to have separate shoes for wearing outside the house and inside. A shoe rack should be placed outside of the main door or in the garage where ever you enter from. This shoe rack comes in various size and shapes. There are big ones for larger families and small ones if you live in an apartment and have little space near the entrance.

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Over the years people are getting more and more used to living indoors. Long working hours and busy schedules leave us with little time to spend outdoors. One should however take out time to leave all the chaos and spend time outside in gardens. The house gardens should be more inviting and pleasant to look at. Kaymu offers a wide variety of outdoor furniture in Nepal that will make you want to leave the house and come spend some time outside. Outdoor furniture manufacturing is extremely different from regular furniture because this furniture will be exposed to high temperatures of heat and water from rain. The furniture should be painted in such colors that it doesn't absorb that much heat and also it should not fade away or rust. Metal or rot iron furniture is prone to rust and if not painted properly with gloss finish they made loose the original color outdoor. Hence these pieces should be carefully inspected before purchase. All of the outdoor furniture is made of highest quality at Kaymu. So that it lasts a lifetime. The furniture is made from plastic and cane which makes it extremely comfortable to sit on.