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Buy gaming consoles online from Kaymu

Apart from the popular gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo, there are many other gaming devices that are popular among people of all ages. A gaming console provides best gaming experience to the players. There are many portable consoles like Game Boy, PlayStation Portable (PSP), and Xperia Play which allow gamers to play games at any place and at any time without the need of setting up the device and attaching a number of wires to it.

You can buy video game console online from Kaymu which are all quite popular among the amateurs as well as the professionals. These are available in a huge variety at Kaymu. Video game console prices in Nepal are based on each gaming consoles, its features and design. However, these are much affordable at Kaymu so that they are accessible to a large number of customers.

Gaming pads for different devices

Due to advancement of technology, different gaming pads are being produced which allow you to play games on different electronic gadgets.

For laptops

There are joysticks available in a variety of styles and designs that can be attached to your laptop to play games. These are USB joystick for laptops and have different buttons that enable you to easily play games. These joysticks are similar in design to the gaming console joysticks. Some people wireless bluetooth joysticks to keep away from the mess of wired and attaching the joystick to the device.

For smartphones and tablets

There are gaming pads that allow you a worthwhile experience of gaming on your smartphones and tablets. Joypad for mobile and tablets has Android and iOS features that make them compatible with any type of devices running on these softwares. These joypads have ergonomic design and are compact in size so that you can comfortably play games on them. They have easy grip and free your phone or tablet from constant touch screen controls, since the joypad has all the necessary buttons to maximize your gaming experience. A wireless gaming controller for smartphone is compact in size and can easily fit in your jean’s pocket so you can play games at anytime and at anyplace.

Things to look for when buying joysticks for gaming consoles

When buying a gaming console, it is necessary to buy a joystick with it to play games. These joysticks have different functions and features. Some joysticks are also available in the shape of a remote control. Video game console in Nepal is high in demand so we must look for the right joysticks for premium gaming experience.


There are bluetooth or USB joysticks that can be attached to different devices.


The design and user interface of the joystick must be very comfortable. The buttons must be responsive and smooth to touch.

Features: They must have buttons to play a movie, a song or even attend a call. The ergonomic design enhances the features of the gaming console.

Connectivity: They can be wireless and must have Wi-Fi connectivity to allow instant gaming.