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Like all other developing countries in the world, Nepal, too, has a rising number of mobile users. This is apparent from a large number of mobile brands in Nepal. These brands, some international others local, offer a range of phones to all target markets. There are brands like Apple and Samsung catering to the premium markets while there are brands like Diamond and Purple which are catering to those looking for affordable phone. Irrespective of what your needs are, you will be able to buy mobile phones online in Nepal of all brands at Kaymu at the best prices.

How to buy mobile phones in Nepal

The number of quality mobile phones in Nepal is on a constant rise. There are smartphones on sale as well as cellular phones.

Let's take a look at the types of mobile phones you can buy in Nepal:


Smartphones are right now the best devices money can buy. They are equipped with larger touch screens, HD display, faster specs like RAM and processor, a camera and have Wi-Fi. These phones are perfect for multitasking and enhance productivity a lot. With smartphones, you may not even need a laptop or PC as it is sufficient enough to perform all functions on its own.

Feature phones:

Featured phones are designed for instant messaging and emails. They come with a comfortable keyboard, like the QWERTY keyboard. But with the launch of smartphones, featured phones have started reducing in numbers.

Basic phones:

There are many people who just want to get basic use from the phone. Basic use includes messaging and calls. For them, it does not make sense to invest in a smartphone. Basic phones are perfect for such people. These phones are very durable and have a battery life of almost a week.

What to look for when buying mobile phones

Once you know which type of phone you want, consider the following things:

Screen size:

Larger the screen size, better the clarity. Recent smartphones are getting very large in size, usually around the 5.5 inch mark. While these phones do offer greater clarity, it can be a bit of a hassle to use the phone with one hand and to make it fit in a pocket. Most people will say that 5 inches is the perfect screen size for a phone. You can get everything done easily and also carry it around with ease.

Apart from the screen size, you also need to look at the screen resolution. Full HD 1080P or ultra HD 4K resolution screens will provide you an amazing viewing experience. Lower screen resolutions will not be fruitful enough in terms of viewing.


A processor may rightly be called the heart of a device. A faster processor will result in multitasking and will increase your productivity by several folds.


If you like taking pictures and selfies, then camera is a key consideration. Megapixels and lens quality will determine how great the camera really is.