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Electronics have become an integral part of our day to day lives. From home to office to leisure time, the widespread use of electronics in our daily lives proves that we cannot imagine our lives without these machines. Here at Kaymu we offer a huge selection of electronics of all kinds ranging from highly advanced televisions, computers and home/office electronics to the very basic electronic items such as emergency light, multi plugs and mosquito killers etc. Kaymu is home to the most popular sellers of the country where they get a chance to conduct their businesses online. Not just sellers but buyers also get a chance to enjoy the many benefits by shopping online at Kaymu by having access to a large variety of products being offered at a diverse price range.

The “Other Electronics” Category on Kaymu’s website offers a wide range of electronic items namely Rechargeable Fans, Emergency Light, Portable Solar Kits with Lights and Charger, Electronic Mosquito Killers, Power Plugs, Digital voice recorders, solar panels and many others.

  1. Rechargeable Fans

Rechargeable fans have an increasing demand these days due to their portability and many other benefits. These fans are highly useful in case of an emergency power fluctuation. Rechargeable fans from numerous world class brands at the best possible prices are available on Kaymu.

  1. Emergency Light

The emergency light available on Kaymu offers many useful features such as an advanced LED display, a wall hanging system and a battery time of five hours. The emergency light is a must have tool in our homes and offices to deal with different emergency situations.

  1. Electronic Mosquito Killers

Electronic Mosquito Killers also one of the bestselling items on Kaymu. These devices provide fast protection against mosquitos and flies.

  1. Multiplugs

It’s very common of us to connect several device to one multi plug at the same times. These plugs serve great purpose and value. Kaymu offers a wide selection of high performance multiplugs from world famous brands at the most diverse prices. These plugs have many innovative features such as a Total Indicator Switch and many more.

  1. Attendance Machines

Bio matric and time attendance machines are being widely used in offices today. These machines have a fully automated fingerprint recognition system which has increased work efficiency at workplaces. Kaymu has in store a wide range of attendance machines offering the following features:

  1. 4 hours internal backup battery
  2. Built-in USB Ports
  3. Instant Fingerprint recognition
  4. Audio-Visual Indication System
  5. Multi Language Support
  6. Built-in Ethernet Ports
  7. Built-in Serial

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