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Technology is changing the way we now do day to day tasks, according to the research we use nearly half of our waking time surfing the internet via computers, networking with people through mobiles or watching television. Thus, it is evident that the computer plays an integral part in most of the people’s life and thus if you own one and want to upgrade it and are unsure how to choose the best computer accessories in Nepal, this guide will come in handy.

Portable USB Mini Fans:

A USB mini fan uses the USB port that is incorporated in all the modern computers for power. These fans come is a great variety of styles and size, from traditional desktop fans to more useful computer case fans. As these fans can only draw up to five volts of power, they are very small in size and extremely portable.

If you have a laptop then you should purchase a mini USB fan to keep it cool as over time the built in cooling system of your laptop becomes inadequate to keep the temperature of your device at the optimum level. As the laptops generate a lot of heat and overheating negatively impacts the performance of your device, it is a great idea to invest in a functional USB fan in Nepal that will drastically improve the life span of your device and protect it against overheating.

Multi-functional Laptop Lamps:

You can also purchase highly flexible LED USB lights in Nepal, they are extremely convenient to use. You can plug it into your laptop or computer’s USB port and it will provide you with a sufficient amount of illumination to type in low light or even read a book.

It is an extremely useful and multipurpose device, which is easy to carry so it can be your perfect travel companion. They are very reasonably priced and you can adjust the position according to your convenience.

Ultimate Convenience with a Mouse Mat:

In the past when mouse used a rubber ball, a mouse pad was an absolutely essential accessory for the computer. However, with introduction of mouse with optical sensors, the mouse pad is not required. Nevertheless, if you will be using the mouse on a partially to fully reflective surface, then a mouse pad will come in handy.

Buy Card Readers for your Computer:

Card reader commonly known as a media card reader is a hardware device. This computer accessory enables you to write and read data on the computer memory card, including, the multimedia card. You can browse through various kinds of card readers, for instance, some have only a singular card slot, while others have multiple slots to accommodate different media and cards.

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