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Can you imagine your life without entertainment? What fun would it be without music and movies? Due to technological advancement, different products are being launched in the market. These products add value to your life. Audio players enable you to listen to music or record anything you want in it. Voice recorders are used for the similar purpose. It records your voice and can then be edited through the advanced features of the recorders. These entertainment devices can be used by people of all ages, related to all walks of life. These portable devices enable you to listen to your favourite songs wherever and whenever you want.

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Being a low income country, entertainment is relatively limited in Nepal. Audio players and recorders in Nepal are the common form of entertainment. These devices are available online at Kaymu which offers them at affordable rates so that these can be accessible to wide range of customers. The price of these products however, is based on the quality and durability. Many major brands including Philips, Panasonic, etc. offer their products for sale at Kaymu. These products are of reliable quality, thus improving the living standards of the customers. Produced in different sizes and designs, these products are in great demand.

Entertainment products in Nepal

There are a variety of entertainment products that are available in Nepal. Let’s have a look at some of these commonly used products.

Audio recorder: Digital audio recorders are very much in demand today. For both personal and professional use you can buy audio recorder online at Kaymu where all the latest models are available. These gadgets vary in weight and size. They are mostly small in size, but huge in capacity. The memory is either stored internally or in a flash drive that is removable. Advanced functioning enables you to edit recordings in it. Rechargeable audio recorder is best to use since it will function continuously without any interruption. Audio recorder prices in Nepal are mostly based on their features. A perfect voice recorder has powerful sound quality and is compatible. 

Audio players: Lightweight audio players are available in varying designs and sizes. Recent models have customized media player and also ensure compatibility with Apple, Android, and Microsoft devices. Tape recorders, though easy to use are a bit older. These use cassettes and CDs to be placed in them. There are buttons for setting and volume control. Tape recorders prices in Nepal are ideal for budgeted users.

Radio: Though it is easily available in smartphones today, this classic device is still in use among older generation. It is bigger in size and has an antenna attached to it for better signal quality. You can buy online radio in Nepal which has high quality speakers and settings options.

Home theater: To bring cinematic experience at home, you must buy home theatre online from Kaymu. A home theater has multimedia speakers which provide 3D sound system. These are wireless speakers.