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Buy Office Supplies in Nepal

If you think that furniture and electronics is all you need to start a business then you need to think again. Office supplies are just as important in running operations as anything else. Office supplies include things that the business needs for day to day operations. Things like printer paper, calculators, cartridges, register paper, labeler etc. constitute as office supplies. Office supplies in Nepal can be bought online from Kaymu. Buying office supplies online can be very beneficial and save time for the owners.

Kaymu offers a wide range of products at very reasonable prices. This further decreases office supplies prices in Nepal. Customers can benefit from lower prices and the fact that they don’t have to go out and look for all these different things. Rather just stay home and order everything together. Office supplies online shopping can save time for new business owners and give them more time to spend on business decisions rather than holding them to this task. Some of the things that you will need are mentioned below.


Calculators help in solving mathematical problems right in an instant. They are very beneficial in terms of saving time. Businesses need calculators for all sorts of things. The most common purpose can be to keep track of money. Giving change to customers, or keeping track of costs. Office calculators are slightly different from normal ones. They have additional buttons with two zeroes to help speed things up. This is because businesses deal with bigger numbers.


This is especially important for retail outlets where things are up for sale. Labeling products with prices and code number is very important. This helps keep track of inventory. And also help the customers look for the prices themselves instead to having to go to the counter and then check in.

Cash Register Roll

This is the paper roll used to print receipts. Again, very important for retail outlets. Cash register rolls enable efficient lines and quick movement at the cash register. Manual receipts take a lot of time and can be altered as well. So it’s better to have printed receipts for the customers.

Cash Drawer

This is the box we see at all shops that has portions to put cash in. The drawer is made in a way to ensure efficient management. It helps save time because different compartments have different currency notes. This way the cashier can easily take out the amount required without any hassle. The drawer also has a lock so that the money is safe inside and only the cashier can access it.

Miscellaneous items

Just like furniture constitutes more than just office tables and office chairs. There are various other office supplies needed to run an office. Paper weights are required on the tables. A note counter is required to count the cash at the end of every day. Cartridges are required for printers and printer paper as well. So all these things and more constitute as office supplies and they can easily be bought from Kaymu online.