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Office Chairs Shopping Online in Nepal - (23 products found)

Buy office chairs in Nepal with ease via Kaymu

Offices provide professional and work-oriented environment where a person can find mental calmness to offer dedication towards the work, carry the workload and share the tasks with the teammates. The environment not only includes the presence of human beings but the furniture like tables and stands and stationery like pens and highlighters also matter. Office chairs are considered worthy as these are the essentials that remain there with the employee or manager whole day. It is necessary for these appliances to be comfortable and more environment friendly so that a worker should not face any problem while working. There are number of such brands like Herman Miller and Raynor Ergohuman that create the best office chairs. Kaymu gives the thrilling opportunities in the form of cheap office chairs so that the minor business units like small organizations can also carry the budget of such products. The website is all-in-one prospect for the viewers that has the details of nearly each aspect of a product.

Categories of chairs to suit your office

  • Ergonomic chair

When you constantly sit on a chair, you face many backbone issues. To avoid the spine issues, ergonomic chair is designed to give the right posture to the human body. The heights, headrest and armrest are quite adjustable to give maximum support.

  • Conference chair

Conferences or meetings usually last for longer times. Once you are on the seat you realize that you have to think a lot with plenty of brainstorming. Among other furniture items, conference chairs are meant for relaxing positions. Some of the chairs also have built-in wheels to move them easily around the conference room.

  • Stacking chair

Creating sets or heaps help is saving huge spaces. Office furniture should be well organized to give the proper and professional outlook. Stacking chairs allow the individual appliances to be placed on one another and create heaps.

  • Guest chair

The usual plastic or wood material chairs are known as guest chairs which are not relatively flexible or mobile but comfortable enough to entertain the guest. They hardly require tables as they are for temporary visiting personalities in the organization.

What to look before buying an office chair?

  • Height

For proper body posture and relaxation, the height of the chair should be appropriate enough so that the feet should remain flat on the floor. If there is a foot rest, then make sure that your feet are also in flat position placed on it while sitting on the chair.

  • Seat depth

When seat depth is improper, strains are created in back and legs. Look for the adjustable seat depth chairs so that you can slide the back of the chair according to your leg’s length.

  • Recline ability

For reducing pressure on you bones, adjustable reclining feature of the office chair is the best. Kaymu has the affordable office chair price in Nepal for the wares that allow the sitter to alter the reclining position to easily reach the keyboard.