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With the invention of high tech tablets and even desktop computers one would think that notebooks in Nepal are reaping their final stage, but that is hardly the case. Notebooks are widely used by working professionals as well as college and university students. This is what you need when you have to get serious business done. One must very carefully note each and every aspect of the notebook before making the big purchase. You need to know what ram is installed in it, what graphics does the notebook display, how much storage there is and what is its physical weight. Learning about both the hardware and software will help you make the final decision. The processor of the notebook will determine how efficient the note book is and what is its lag time. All in all, Kaymu has stored latest assortment of genuine notebooks for sale with core i3, core i5 and core i7 processors online.

Everything You Need To Know About Notebooks

The physical design of a notebook should also be appealing. There is a huge market for apple MacBooks simply because of the futuristic sleek matte finish. Laptop manufacturers study aspects such as screen size, laptop’s grip and thickness in great detail before coming up with a new brand. Apple notebooks might be undeterred in terms of technology and design but their notebook’s networking capability is probably the best. Its responsiveness makes this brand a favorite. Work laptops often times need to be switched on through the day as well as night. You don’t want a laptop that might be cheap initially but then gives you problem by heating up. As notebooks laptop price in Nepal greatly varies depending on its endurance. Dell notebook price in Nepal is apt for the reliability it gives and the features you require from a laptop for professionals.

What Are Top Notebook Brands In Nepal

Notebooks have evolved over time with advancement in specs, applications, prices and features. Below are mentioned some top notebook brands in Nepal that are readily available at kaymu online.

Acer Notebooks | Fujitsu Notebooks | HP Notebooks | Dell Notebooks
Lenovo Notebooks | Panasonic Notebooks | MSI Notebooks | Asus Notebooks

Classifications Of Notebooks To Adulate

Luckily we have the variation of notebook in Nepal. These all types depend upon the need and requirements of the user. The most common classification is the traditional notebook which is seen in every house. The common tasks like sending and receiving emails, browsing internet and utilizing some of the system’s software solution can be effortlessly performed using these ones. Traditional notebook is a kind of clamshell that has the screen on one side and the keyboard on the other one. The folding feature makes it easy for the user to take with him or her and save space while travelling.

The much more portable form is of netbooks. This is smaller and has lighter weight than other notebooks. Although they are quite smaller but still their sizes don’t affect the performance. The same support of operating system and series of applications are there in netbooks. With affordable notebook prices in Nepal, all such types are also available at Kaymu.

To buy notebooks online in Nepal, there is another type that is rugby. Sometimes user has to do the field research and has to go to places where there are more chances of environmental side effects. In this scenario the traditional notebook cannot work efficiently and can be soon damaged. For this purpose, rugby notebooks are apt. They are heavier than others and have the outer covering bit thicker and stronger.

The notebook sorts also depend upon the kind of user. If you are light user and don’t require some complicated solutions for your personal tasks then 14 to 15 inches of screen sized notebook is best. Netbooks can also work as light users don’t need heavy processing of CPU. Any of the traditional Acer notebooks or Asus notebooks are perfect. If you are a gamer then you might need the system that has efficient graphic card and nearly 17 inches of display screen. These features will definitely make the video game and graphic result more exciting.

Aspects of a notebook to carefully consider

Before purchasing the notebook, there is not just the outer look that has to be intensely considered. Various other properties are vital enough to influence the performance of the entire system. For instance, the battery of the system should be apt so that it remains with the user for longer periods of time. Battery that wears out quickly is of no use. Then comes the memory. For tech-savvies and game-lovers, there should be more storage space. Moreover if you have to store images and videos or even the office files, you also require adequate memory space.

Screen size and display quality are also the vital factors. You cannot buy a cheap notebook that hardly displays the clear image result. The brand is also significant. Kaymu has the exclusive range brand goods and also the feasible HP notebooks prices in Nepal and even of Dell notebooks prices in Nepal.

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If you are a buying a notebook for solid multimedia use within a budget then HP notebook price in Nepal hits home perfectly. They come in larger inbuilt screens and the DVD players doesn’t back out at the oddest hour. The state of the art DVD player allows you to watch videos, burn CDs and rewrite them too. The HP Pavilion notebook boasts a touch screen for no fuss surfing. You can also bend the screen up to 360 degrees or make a stand out of the keyboard to watch movies and videos without having to hold the laptop. Some notebooks like the Pavilion have an additional feature of the touch screen. The laptop should also have little lagging time as it can be a problem to reload time after every few minutes. Asus notebooks in Nepal are also a good option for the laptop – tablet mix. So wait not! Order online and get your notebook delivered in kathmandu, biratnagar, pokhara and all major cities in Nepal with duty free shipping and cash on delivery options.