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Nikon is a Japanese multinational company, manufactures optics and imagining products. Its products ranges from cameras, camera lenses, binoculars, microscopes, measuring instruments and much more.

According to the reports released by Kaymu, an online marketplace presented that Nikon Products in Nepal are in demand, due to its high quality and efficient performance. Their best feature is the lens mount system, they have used same mounting system for decades. Even the latest DSLR can use a lens made in last half century.

Guide for buying Nikon Products

Since these electronic products are quite sensitive, follow guidelines before buying;

Nikon DSLR Cameras

A new advanced camera can bring a feeling of joy with in a photographer. Difficulty which is faced by many people is that which camera is the best within all the overwhelming varieties. First list down the specific features you desire in the new camera. Spend money on lens rather than the camera body. Decide on a budget keeping all the limitations in mind and then select according to them. Particularly Nikon offers many types of cameras ranging from; Nikon Entry level DSLR Cameras are 3000 series, Mid-range cameras are 5000 – 6000 and they also have cameras for professionals and enthusiasts D300s, D4. Nikon DSLR prices are kept affordable for all the camera lovers at Kaymu.

Digital Cameras

Digital camera in this present day era, are in mega pixel race.  With a number of brands available offering more mega pixels, quality of mega pixels is an important aspect to look into. Check if the digital camera you are buying has quality mega pixels, anti-shaking properties, good zoom in and out controls and is it comfortable in your hand to use. These cameras are found in many sizes and are usually compact in nature. Nikon also manufactures digital cameras of one of the best qualities available.

Camera Accessories

A professional photographer or even a small scale needs a large amount of gear and accessories. Getting a camera is just a first step. Lens, flashes, remote releases, storage devices, batteries, filters, light meters are some of the basic items a photographer would require. These devices are delicate and needs proper care and attention. These are investments you are going to do for a while therefore, choose the best you can buy within your budget and requirements. Nikon is mater in making all camera accessories around the world.


These devices are considered sensitive and to keep them safe there are several steps to be taken. Don't take these cameras or accessories out in extreme weather conditions or in water, if there are not compatible to work in it. Have proper cases, bags, coverings of these cameras because lens can be destroyed if dust particles penetrate into them. Read all the instructions before buying a camera and follow them thoroughly.


Now photographers can buy Nikon products in Nepal just by clicking over at Kaymu, which is an online shopping community at affordable prices with range of products.