Newborn Baby Shopping for First Year

Becoming a new parent is something most people welcomingly look forward to but it can also become an overwhelming experience given the several baby products you have to shop for with literally no experience. Don't worry. We assure you that you are not the only one in this ordeal. All to-be-parents go through this step and live to tell the tale.

To help you move through the process of buying baby essentials swiftly, we have compiled the following checklist for all new parents-to-be:

Baby Clothes

The first thing you need to tick off the checklist is baby clothes. Now baby clothes vary in size. Babies grow with the passage of time and outgrow their old clothes. Therefore, you should buy all the different baby sizes in advance. You might be thinking how much a baby's going to grow in a year. The answer is enough that one size of clothing won't fit!

For the fabric of the cloth, ensure that it is soft, comfortable and durable. The baby should snugly fit into it and be warm and comfy.

As far as what types of clothes you'll need, take a look:

One piece suit

Babies nap frequently and as such, you would preferably want a suit which is easy to take off and put on. This will be comfortable for both you and the baby. Buy at least 5 of these.


T shirts and turtlenecks are great for babies. If you are bored of seeing your baby in a one piece suit, you can liven up your baby's look with shirts. Opt for cool colors as they are easy on the eyes.


It is extremely important to ensure that your baby is at comfortable temperature. Therefore buying proper layering like sweater, mufflers etc. are great to make sure your baby isn't feeling cold.


While most doctors recommend not to use shoes in baby's daily life till they learn how to walk, you do need a pair when you step out of your home. Go to a baby's specialist shoe store and buy the proper fit.


If you are tired of seeing your baby in a similar one piece cloth item, buy pajamas. Also to ensure that the baby is at comfortable temperature, buying leggings can also be a really good idea.



A typical baby usually goes through 10-12 diapers a day. So it is a wise idea to buy diapers in bulk so that you are not rushing to the supermarket on a daily basis.

Changing table

While you can change your baby's diaper on any table, it is advisable for hygienic purposes that you invest in a changing table designed specifically for this very purpose.

Baby Gear

Baby Carrier

No matter what, you will need a baby carrier to carry your baby around with you. Buying one allows your hands to be free to do other things. Make sure that you buy a carrier whose straps fit perfectly.


Looking to go on a run in the park or to run an errand to the market but afraid to leave baby alone? You should invest in a stroller so that your baby can easily tag along with you on the ride. Plus point: you can also store excessive inventory on the stroller.

Car Seat

Most parts of the world have made it compulsory for new parents to have a car seat for babies. By making sure your baby is securely in his seat, you can drive better and keep yourself and your family safe.


Babies are fed through two main ways: breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Breast feeding accessories

Nursing pillows help to support your neck and back while breastfeeding your baby. Apart from the pillow, new moms should also buy Lanolin ointment, which helps relieve sore nipples.

Bottle Accessories

Initially, you will require 4 ounce bottles but as the baby grows, you will need at least 8 ounce bottles. Opt for bottles which are phthalates and BPA free as this will keep your baby away from chemicals.

Breast Pump

Breast pump is an important piece of investment. Through breast pump, you can pump milk into the bottle and give it to the baby at any time of convenience. You will also need a breast milk bag along with a pump.

Feeding equipement


Want your baby to enjoy his meal at the family table? Invest in a highchair. You no longer need to carry your baby on the table at home or restaurants. Highchair is designed in a way where baby can also eat the meal without much hassle.

Baby Spoons

Baby spoons are smaller than normal spoons and made up of plastic for the safety of the baby. They also feel great against baby's gums and fit easily in the mouth.

Sippy cups

Sippy cups are great for a baby to enjoy his drink. Make sure to avoid the ones with straws as they tend to spill liquid out of the bottle. Look to buy at least 3 cups for instant access and different styles.

Baby toys


You would have hardly seen a baby without its special toy. This is because babies adore toys. Invest in something musical or which makes a rattling noise. Ensure that you don't buy your baby something small which could be swallowed.

Bouncy Seat

Babies love to be moved around in a person's lap. Thanks to science, bouncy seat can replicate the up down motion which babies seem to love. Make sure that straps fit perfectly for maximum safety.


While by no means an essential item, pacifiers have been used for a long time by parents to help soothe the baby. If you fear your baby may cry more than usual, then investing in a pacifier is probably a good idea.

Play mat

Made up of soft, durable materials, play mats are useful in the sense that they allow baby to play with toys with full freedom by moving around the floor with ease. Nowadays there are many creative play mats you can choose from.



To make sure your baby really "sleeps like a baby", invest in quality cribs and mattresses. Buying bassinets is also a good idea because the newborn will feel secure and snugly fit into it.


There are many fancy beddings available for babies in the marketplace but all you need is three to five quality ones. You can also find waterproof beddings which can keep your beddings safe from impurities and can last for a long time.


Nothing can be cozier than a warm and soft blanket. Ensuring that you invest in quality blankets so that your baby can rest really well.


Safety Gates

If you live in a house with many high places, it is a wise idea to install safety gates. Safety gates ensure your baby doesn't fall and injure itself. Make sure that safety gates are installed in a foolproof manner.

Baby monitors

It is not possible to be with the baby at all times of the day. Therefore, investing in a baby monitor is a wise idea. Baby monitors transmit voices from your baby to the room you are in so that you know your baby is safe and not crying.


Babies love to cling onto things and climb into uncharted territories. Therefore, securing your cupboards and drawers through locks is worth your time and effort as it will ensure complete safety of your baby.


Always keep a first aid kit box at hand because you never know when you may run into any unfortunate incident. Also invest in smaller but necessary accessories like baby nail clippers, baby brush etc.