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These fashion accessories not only depict your style and but also your mood. There are numerous colours for nail polish that can match your outfit and are best for any occasion. There are various textures and designs present in the nail colours. Every season, different colours and styles of nail paints are produced, which become the latest trends. A right nail colour will add a finished look to your style and enhance your style statement. Wearing trendy nail colours today is the latest fashion among girls and women. You can buy nail polish online in Nepal from Kaymu which are offered by top quality brands.

Get your favourite nail polish finish today

The best thing about a nail polish is that is comes in a specific quantity and can be used for all sizes of nails. Nail colours of different brands have different types of finish, each adding a distinguished look to your hands.


These are standard nail polishes that are quite popular. Having plain, milky and creamy colour, these are without any shimmer or frills. They have a glossy and smooth finish.


A metallic or chrome finish adds a gritty look to your nails. They have a thin look with popular colours being copper, silver and gold. You can buy this type of nail polish in Nepal from Kaymu in an array of colours.


Having a flashy finish, these types of nail colours are added in a clear base with varying amount of glitter in them. There are different glitter shapes and sizes including, micro-glitter, string glitter, round or square glitter, hexagonal glitter, shards, etc. Various nail paint trends having this finish are currently in fashion.


Nail colours having a matte finish have no shine and gloss and are flat looking. Some nail polishes have matte finish while for others, you may apply a matte coat. Different variations of the matte finish include satin, suede, etc. ranging from regular to semi-mattes. The best place to buy nail polish of this finish is Kaymu which offers them at affordable rates.


Having multi-coloured flakes, this nail polish has a rough finish as the flakes do not lie to the surface. These nail polishes have a jelly base which is quite sheer.


This nail polish changes colour with the reflection of light. Different shades of nail colour appear with the variation of the light. Having a slight shimmer, these nail polishes mostly have two shades of nail colours present. Since good quality duo-chrome nail polishes are hard to buy, these nail polish prices in Nepal are a bit expensive.

Things to consider when buying nail colours

There are different properties of nail colours you must look for before buying your favourite nail paint.

1- Buy a nail colour that dries quickly and is long-lasting. Those that chip easily ruin the look of your hands.

2- Try to look for nail paints that are all-in-one. They must have jelly base with glitter or matte coating.

3- Buy good quality nail colours that enhance the growth of your nails.