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Are you one of those fashionistas out there who are extremely passionate about their finger nails? You are at the right place! Kaymu’s online marketplace offers the largest variety of nail adornment and other nail care products in Nepal that are second to none. The country’s renowned shopping community makes sure that all the leading brands of cosmetics have their nail care products in Nepal listed online at Kaymu. There are nail polishes and many other types of products available at Kaymu to make your nails be the most amazing part of your persona. The following nail care guide by Kaymu will help you choosing just right products.

Types of Nail Care Products Available at Kaymu Nepal

With Kaymu’s online shopping community, you can find the largest variety of nail care accessories in Nepal from all popular cosmetics brands such as L'oreal and Streetwear. There are nail art machines and a lot more available at economical prices. With Kaymu you are never left disappointed.

Nail Polish Essentials

Kaymu offers nail polishes in Nepal of all types from all brands in all colors at affordable prices. The country’s largest online shopping platform is a home to base coats, top coats and color polishes to adorn your nails and make them match with your clothing. The base coats, as the name suggests, are applied on the nails just before applying color polishes. They are quick-drying and help filling all kinds of small grooves. Besides, the color polishes come in many different colors that complement with clothing. The color nail polishes in plain colors as well as with glitter are available online. When it comes to top coats, they can also be bought at affordable prices at Kaymu. Just like the car’s protective coat, the top coat nail polish helps protecting nail polish from fading off and gives it a long life.

Get Access to All Kinds of Nail Art Pens & Stamping Kits

The sellers at Kaymu offer complete range of nail art products to suit your requirements. There are rhinestones, beads, stickers, nail art stamping kits, stripping tapes, nail glitter, nail art pens and a lot more for your home needs as well as for the professional beauticians. The nail art tools that can help you getting your finger nails in shape include nail file to shape and grind down the nails, nail buffers for smoothening up the nails, nail clippers that can help you cutting nails short, callous rasp to help you remove dead skin, callous and corns. Moreover, there are tweezers and scissors available at Kaymu to help you cut cuticles and hangnails.

It’s Easy to Buy Nail Products in Nepal via Kaymu

Kaymu offers the most convenient and easy online shopping procedure. You can find relevant products listed by many different sellers and compare their prices to make sure that you seal the deal with the right seller. Kaymu works on cash on delivery model that is considered the securest and easiest. Besides, a buyer can find seller ratings and read customer reviews against each of the products to better evaluate the quality and pricing.