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A mug is used typically for drinking beverages that are hot such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate or soup. A mug usually has one handle that holds the entire cup together. There are different sizes of mugs that buyers can purchase according to how much hot liquids they consume. Mugs are usually used casually and are not appropriate for formal events. Cups are preferred for formal place settings. Kaymu offers buyers with a wide collection of Mugs online. There are a number of discount deals and bundle offers that reduce the mugs prices in Nepal.

Guide for Purchasing Mugs

When purchasing coffee or tea mugs in Nepal, there are a number of features that you must keep in mind. These factors will help you purchase the right mug according to your requirements.

Mug design

There are several designs of mugs that shoppers can purchase according to their choice. Some mugs have decorative designs which can be different than a standard mug. Buyers can select from a number of shapes, sizes and colors of mugs. Getting the perfect type of mug depends on your requirements. For instance, if you like to travel a lot then a travel tea mug will work best for you. There will be a lid to hold your drink together and prevent spillage. If you like hot beverages at home, then a standard mug will work well for you. Shoppers can buy tea mugs online at Kaymu at cheap price rates.


There are different materials from which mugs are designed in. Ceramic, plastic, steel and chrome are commonly used materials for mugs. Steel mugs are quite popular because these do not break. These can also double as travel mugs and can be used in the office. At homes, people usually prefer getting ceramic mugs or plastics ones. You can purchase mugs according to the number of family members and who will use them. For instance, you can get plastic ones for children so that they do not break them.

Mug Size

There are different sizes of mugs that buyers can get according to their requirements. You can purchase small, medium and large cups depending on the consumption of beverages per day. For offices, people usually prefer medium sized cups so that they can enjoy tea or coffee.


There are thousands of colors of mugs to choose from. One can select from light colors, dark colors and even patterned mugs. These days’ a number of people like to purchase novelty mugs which can have their favorite cartoon character, movie character and so on forth. You can also get customized mugs made which can have your picture on it and some special quotes. You can also purchase flower mugs that look really great as decoration pieces. Novelty mugs make a great gift for people who like to collect them. So go ahead and grab all your favorite mugs online at Kaymu. Avail special discounts and have a nice shopping experience!