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MSI stands for Micro-star International, is a Taiwanese multinational technology corporation. With its headquarters in New Taipei City. This company designs, develops and sells computer hardware like laptops, graphic cards, motherboards, servers and other related products.  The company started its operations in 1986 and since then has provided excellent quality products. MSI Products in Nepal are very popular because of the durability and brilliance that all the items possess. Also the brand offers a wide selection of items so that everyone is bound to find the perfect computer related hardware. Shoppers can now buy MSI products online in Nepal at Kaymu. There is a massive collection of items by MSI at discounted price rates.

Types of MSI Products

As mentioned earlier, MSI provides shoppers with a number of computer related products. Purchasers can easily find all products with the required features they need. Kaymu is offering discounts that will reduce the MSI products prices in Nepal which makes shopping online stress-free. When purchasing MSI products, it is important to keep into account the features of the devices. Not every model will have the features you are looking for.


Every household these days’ has more than one laptop. These devices are considered to be the most useful and practical ones compared to other gadgets. MSI laptops are designed for gamers who are looking for powerful laptops to use at home. These have amazing graphics with true color technology that enhances contrast and gives attentions to details. The latest processor is used in all laptops with a Windows systems which makes them extremely fast. There are different series of models for gaming laptops that shoppers can purchase.

Besides gaming laptops, MSI provides regular laptops which fall into the “classic series”. This series includes a number of laptops in different sizes with several amazing features. Slim laptops are quite popular because they are easy to carry.


Motherboards are a very important part of a computer device system. This small device holds together the most complex and crucial components of a computer that includes the CPU, memory and other types of connectors. MSI motherboards are very popular in the gaming world as these provide excellent speed to the CPU. A gamer requires a good processor because games with good graphics require high speed.

Graphics cards

A graphic card is a computer hardware that produces the image you see on your computer screen. This small card is responsible for converting data into a signal that your screen or monitor can comprehend.  MSI graphic cards provide excellent quality graphics to gamers. 1080p games can be enjoyed to the fullest using these graphic cards. There is a wide collection of graphic cards that shoppers can purchase online at Kaymu.

Other gadgets

Shoppers can select from other devices by MSI as well that include; tablets which have amazing touch systems, all in one desktop computers, cameras and other gaming accessories. All these gadgets are available at Kaymu. Have a nice shopping experience!