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A mouse is a key component of the computer that serves great utility and convenience. It is as essential to the computer as power cable, keyboard or any other part. All kinds of computer users from software developers to graphic designers to online gaming mavens, look for something different out of their mouse. The hardware market for desktop pcs is flooding with mouse options ranging from the high tech to the very basic for everyday use.

With a large number of brands entering the computer industry, buyers have many different options to choose from. Now you can choose from high-quality computer mouse for sale in bulk at our store online.

Types of Mouse Available Online At Kaymu

Kaymu Nepal has stored largest assortment of computer mouse in Nepal at discount prices for its online customers. You can choose from extensive range of gaming mouse, usb mouse, wireless mouse, and Bluetooth mouse that are highly efficient for laptops. You may also read the types of mouse to find one that best matches your computing needs.

Ball Mouse

Invented in 1972 by Bill English, ball mouse comprises of a heavy, rubber coated ball in combination with rollers to enable movement along the X axes and Y axes. To ensure a smooth movement, a ball mouse is used with a mouse pad.

Optical Mouse

Optical tracking mice are the most commonly used mice and the most popular ones in today’s time. The main factors behind its popularity are accuracy, durability, convenience and the fact that it works well even without a mouse pad. This mouse works on any smooth, non-shiny surface without needing a mouse pad. The leading factor that drove modern day compute s and online gaming is the advancement of mouse technology from ball mouse to optical mouse. These mice are extremely useful for designing and developing 3d models with acute accuracy. The most popular manufacturers include Logitech, Onn and Microsoft.

Laser Mouse

The laser mouse is the newest and highly advanced mouse technology of this age. Though these mice look exactly like optical mice but offer higher level of accuracy. These mice have the ability to pick up even the slightest movement of the operator.

Wireless Mouse

Wireless mice are also becoming hugely popular among people. Due to the wireless technology being used in these mice, they offer great accuracy and convenience to the computer users. Bluetooth mouseis also being widely used by people who are on the move. Leading manufacturers include Sony and Fujitsu.

Buy Computer Mouse Online From Kaymu Nepal

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