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Tech your computers up by acquiring the latest motherboards in Nepal available with Kaymu. Considering how vital this circuit board is in the smooth functioning of a computer, it is essential to have the most advanced and latest motherboards in house. Acer, Asus, Intel, MSI, Magic-Pro, Chaintech and many others are one of the leading tech companies that provide durable and efficient motherboards to the world.

Kaymu being the leading online marketplace has a whole gamut of motherboards in Nepal for all those who want to upgrade or make their computers work efficiently. Wait not and get a motherboard by placing your order and getting it delivered at your doorstep.

Function of a Motherboard in a Computer

It is basically a circuit board, which enables the communication between different subsystems within the CPU. The reason it is called mother of all the boards is because it connects many of the major cards like sound card, video card, audio card, graphic card, hard drive and other devices.

Availability of Latest Intel Motherboards in Nepal

Kaymu proudly possesses a vast collection of Intel motherboards in Nepal. Intel, as you might know, is the greatest tech company of the world and it manufactures one of the outstanding CPUs, processors, keyboards etc. Intel also masters in making one of the finest motherboards as well. Its g31 motherboard can support quad core processors, dual core processors 2 duo Pentium, Pentium D and much more. This g 31 motherboard even supports Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, which enables you to perform sundry functions. Intel motherboards come in a very diverse designs and functions. The recent desktop computers boards give outstanding graphic outputs like these VGA, DVI-D, DisplayPort* v1.2. The price of intel motherboards in general and g31 motherboard & g41 motherboard in particular are quite reasonable at the moment in Nepal. So, hurry up and update your computer's hardware by getting one of the latest ones.

Asus Motherboard and MSI Motherboards in Nepal

Asus, the leading Taiwanese company, which makes one of the most delicate and finest motherboards, has an entire series at its disposal. Kaymu happens to have hold of a lot of asus motherboards in Nepal. You can get yours immediately if your order right away and take advantage of the lower prices Kaymu offers. The X99-E WSis the latest Asus motherboard which has genuine 4x16 graphic power. You'll be stunned to know the prices of motherboards in Nepal.