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The basic necessities of human life include food, clothes and shelter but in recent times we have seen that there is an added need that we must fulfill; the need to use the internet. We not only use the internet on our laptops or desktops but on our phones, tablets, gaming consoles and TVs. So sharing an internet connection is also a need of the hour. Getting down to the basics and ensuring a sound internet connection for a number of devices requires a modem and a router. A modem device generally converts two types of communications technologies from your ISP to provide you with internet and with the advent of online shopping, you can now buy modems online.

Types of Modem

One of the blessings of modern technology is that it gives people the chance to choose between different variants according to their own needs. As for modems, a variety is present so that everyone can buy a product most suitable to their current predicament. Types of modems include a cable modem, wireless modem and Wi-Fi modem. All types serve different purposes. As for the cable modem, it uses a wire to connect the devices and the speed is usually better as compared to the wireless connections.

The types vary according to the rate at which internet is accessed, network provided, system used by the server and other added features like Wi-Fi facility or USB ports. But eventually the decision comes down to what you require of the device and what your needs are. The modem prices in Nepal also change according to the specifications, so choose one that is light on the pocket but does the job as well.

How Modems work

A DSL makes use of two types of equipment, one is used on the customer end and the other is used on the service provider end. Modern technology has enabled a modem to incorporate the services of an internet protocol router while keeping the traditional services intact. The enhancement of routing capability enable the modem to deliver expanded services such as firewalls and remote management for more functionality. On the service provider (SP) end, the signals are generated and transmitted over telephone lines usually made of copper. The service provider then takes connections of different customers and consolidates them into a single, high-capacity internet connection. 

Routers to finish the job

If you’ve understood the working of the modem then you should know by now which modem best suits your needs. Once you’ve decided on that front, you need to decide whether or not you will be needing a router. Many service providers provide customers with both the modem and the router but if that is not the case and you need to cloud out your internet connection in order to use it on different devices at once, you need a router to finish the job. The router basically distributes the internet connection from the modem to different devices.

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