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We are living in a technologically advanced era, where we are bombarded with the latest and innovative electronics every day, including, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc. These electronic items need energy to operate and run on batteries. If you use your smartphone continuously, a portable power bank comes in handy, and it is also a good idea to purchase a robust charger and adapter for your cell phone. This complete guide will help you in buying the right mobile accessories in Nepal

Mobile Phone Charger and Mobile Batteries in Nepal

Most of the current mobile phones use nickel cadmium or lithium ion batteries as these batteries are extremely sturdy and provide better battery power. If you own an older model of a mobile phone, then opt for nickel cadmium batteries, whereas as for the latest mobile and smartphone lithium ion batteries work the best.

Another factor to keep in mind before buying a mobile phone charger in Nepal is to see if it is compatible with your cell phone. The first thing the user needs to know is the model of the cell phone they own, for instance, not all Apple iPhone chargers are compatible with latest flagship phone introduced by Apple.

If you are still unsure about which battery will be compatible with your phone, go to the menu and open the about phone section and select the phone information section, this will have the make and model of the mobile phone mentioned. This information will help you in picking out the right mobile charger and battery.

Mobile Adapters in Nepal

If you need adapters or replacement cables for your mobile phone, there is a wide range of mobile adapters in Nepal on Kaymu available at a very reasonable price. However, choosing the right type of adapter can be a challenging task for those who are novice to the world of technology.

If you are confused which adapter to select, look for these four primary specifications:

  • What is the input voltage, this is the voltage that the charger will receive.
  • What is the output voltage or how much current will the charger produce.
  • What is the total output current that will be created?
  • What will the kind of connector that will connect your smartphone or mobile to the charger?

As a buyer, you should carefully look for these specifications and choose an adapter that suits your needs.

Get Access to All Solar Power Banks in Nepal

On Kaymu you can find various kinds of Samsung power banks with different specifications. In order to purchase a perfect power bank you need to keep few things in mind, firstly you need to check the battery size of your electronic gadget, you can get this information from the package that comes with your mobile phone or you can search for it via internet.

 You should also take into account the specifications mentioned on the charger, what is the output current and output voltage of the adapter.

So when buying a Romoss power bank, make sure that its capacity is at least equal to the battery size of your device and the output voltage specified on the power bank is equal to or higher to the charger’s specification.

For great deals on adapters, chargers and power banks, Kaymu the leading online marketplace is your best bet.