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It is obvious that a man‘s dressing is affected by the climate and the culture he lives in. some clothes are worn in summers while some are best to wear during the winters. Wind cheaters are warm jackets that are worn by men to avoid winter chill or rain. These jackets are designed in close-fitting style and have knitted cuffs, waistband, and neck. These are a bit lightweight than the normal jackets and have zippers so that you can accommodate according to the prevalent weather conditions.

You can buy men wind cheater online from Kaymu where these are available in a huge variety. These clothes are durable and reliable and have varying designs and sizes. Wind cheater prices in Nepal are quite affordable at Kaymu but usually depend on the quality of the material. A stylish wind cheater available in your closet can enhance your style statement and can be used to wear for work or when hanging out in a chilly or rainy weather.

Features of windcheaters

Men wind cheaters in Nepal are a necessary piece of apparel that must be present in your wardrobe. Apart from having varying designs, they also have a number of features which make them quite useful.


Mostly made of synthetic material or nylon, these jackets prevent cold from entering your body. These can be worn both during the summers and winters. In summers, chilly winds and rain cause you to wear wind cheaters while during winters, people wear them for layering.

Hood and pockets

There is also a hood attached to the wind cheater made of the same material as the jacket. It keeps your head and ears covered. This may be removable if you want. There are also large pockets attached on the inside and outer side of the wind cheater, which often have zip on them. You can stuff in your belongings into these pockets during the rain to keep them safe.


Wind cheaters are smaller in length than the normal jackets. They mostly are at waist length and are snugly fit on your body to avoid cold air gushing into your body.


These apparel can be worn over any type of clothes. You can wear them for layering with jeans or wear them over the ethnic clothing in Nepal. Many people also wear these wind cheaters during the sports activity such as running. This helps as wind-resistant. Wind cheater online shopping can therefore be done from Kaymu where these are offered by different brands.

Design and style of wind cheaters

Some wind cheaters are available in dull colours such as blue, black and grey, while others are present in bold colours. These are also available in two-toned colours. Some windcheaters have simple design with a logo of the brand which manufactures them. But there are also some which have a little embroidery on them. Some may just have a single breast pocket while some also have two pockets on the waist to keep your hands warm.