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The world of men accessories is quite vast. It includes items such as belts, scarves, ties, cufflinks and most importantly, wallets. Wallets for men are a necessity because not only does this hold the money, it holds items such as cards, receipts, coins and a number of other small items. Therefore having good quality wallets for men is a necessity.

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Types of Wallets for Men

When you are buying men wallets in Nepal, the first thing you need to look at is the type. The differences here are in the size and the number of compartments.

Different Types of Men Wallets  

Basic Billfold

The basic billfold wallet is the most common one there is. This can be a bifold wallet or a trifold wallet depending on the manufacturer. Tri-Fold wallets are generally bigger and size and are known to give you more amount of space. Moreover, they also have a large number of compartments present.

The Bi-Fold Wallets are slimmer and smaller in nature. They carry less diverse items and feel less heavy to carry with you.

 Sports Wallet

The sports wallet is for athletes and people who love the outdoors. The best feature about this type is that it has a zipper so the things do not fall out. Some of them even support Velcro to keep it closed for long. A few manufacturers place extra features such as being waterproof and water resistant for the wallet.

 Travel Wallet

The travel wallet is something that can easily carry a passport and important documents with it. This is slightly large in size and has higher men wallets prices in Nepal as compared to the other ones.      

 Money Clipper

The Money Clipper is basically a thin piece of material that has a big and strong clip attached to it. The clip is magnetic and closes tightly when it contact with the other end. Men place their money and cards between the magnets to hold.

 Super Slim Wallet

Slim wallets for men are designed in a way that they do not carry many things but are light enough to be carried around for a long period of time. These can easily fit into the front and back pockets of any man’s jeans.

Materials of Men’s Wallets

When you are to buy a man’s wallet, a great amount of importance needs to be placed upon the material that it is manufactured from. The mostly commonly bought ones are Leather wallets because they are durable and form-fitting at the same time. Different sub-types of leather include crocodile, snakeskin and alligator. The animal skins are highly pricey but they give a luxurious feel.

Sometimes other materials such as polyester, silicone, felt, nylon and plastic polymers are also used in the manufacturing of men’s wallets. These are generally inexpensive as compared to the leather ones.