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When you talk about timeless and classic shirts for men, the v neck shirt comes at the very top. V neck shirts are as casual as it gets. Pair them with your favorite pair of jeans, chinos or shorts and hang out at any casual event of your liking. V neck shirts are shirts whose collar is shaped like a v. They can be used in layering, as an undershirt or as a shirt itself. There are numerous brands out there in the market manufacturing v neck shirts. You can now buy v neck shirts for men in Nepal online at Kaymu at amazing prices.

How to buy v neck shirts for men

V neck shirts are highly versatile and can be worn in numerous situations. But as timeless as the shirt may seem, you need to look at many important factors in order to buy the perfect shirt. We have seen many men make the mistake of buying wrong types of v neck shirts, which make them look sloppy. The following guide will help you buy the perfect v neck shirt:

What to look for when buying v neck shirts

Consider the following things before purchasing v neck shirts for men:


Fabric is a key consideration. As the shirt stays close to your skin, it has to be made of comfortable stuff. Cotton is the best material you can choose. It is lightweight and cool to the skin. It is also breathable, allowing you to survive the sweltering heat with ease. There are also other materials like blended cotton and polyester etc. The material you choose all depends on the weather in your area. But for most men, cotton works the best, irrespective of weather. This is because even in cooler weather, you can layer the shirt with jacket or sweaters to stay warm.


Proper fit is important to look your best. Many men make the mistake of buying ill fitted clothes, which make them look untidy. V neck shirts tend to drop a bit low to the chest area. Make sure that it does not drop too much and shows too much of chest. That does not look good. Opt for a decent fit which allows you comfort and freedom of movement. The shirt should neither be too tight nor too loose. It should fit perfectly.


As v neck is a casual shirt, you can experiment with colors. But classy colors still remain black, grey and navy. Other colors like red, blue, yellow or green may be experimented with. It all depends on your preferences and your current wardrobe.


Some shirts come with patterns while others are solid. To get maximum versatility, opt for solid shirts. But you may make a fashion statement wearing patterned v neck shirts. Horizontal and vertical patterns are most common.


Price is always a factor. To get the best deals, look for bundles of v neck shirts for men.