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It is not always possible to wear fashion attires. Sometimes you need change and hence decide to be a bit more casual. Eventually you search for such apparels that can make you feel comfortable and appropriate before the public at the same time. For men, there can be nothing better than sweatpants. Covering the lower part of the body, sweatpants for men are a sort of soft trousers. They can also be worn with ">sports shoes for specific purposes like sports and jogging. Originally, in the early 20th century, sweatpants were just the loose wears for athletes to stretch and perform the movements easily. The color at that time was also mainly grey and the material was knitted jersey.

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Types of sweatpants for men

Tearaway pants

These rip-off pants have the snap fasteners that reach the bottom of both legs. For some sorts of sports, the snaps of these tearaway pants help to remove them. The two of the examples of sports that require these pants are track and field and basketball.


Windpants are quite lighter than the usual sweatpants. They are specifically made to protect the body from wind and doesn't insulate. The material usually used is nylon and polyester with cotton or polyester liner. There are zippers on each ankle allowing the sportsmen to unzip whenever required to pull over the pants.

Fashion pants

Fashion pants depict style which can be either in the form of color variation or in the shape of chic patterns. The variety of materials like satin and velvet manufacture these aesthetic designs of sweatshirts for men. The difference lies in the elastic band that lies at the ankles side.

For what purposes you can wear men's sweatpants

1- Men's sweatpants in Nepal are also worn for comfort. This means the smooth fabric allows men to look casual and even feel the luxury. This also permits to wear them in house all the time, either while watching TV or while having dinner.

2- Casual fashion is something quite distinctive. Although many people think that this approach of wearing the baggy pants in the public is not apt but the fashion brands have now inserted numerous such hues and designs that can vanish this thought.

3- Wearing for the sports was the prime purpose of this attire. In the initial years it was mainly just for outdoor games. Even now athletes adore to wear them to have comfort in movements.

4- Many men wear sweatpants to just look cool. This is possible by the brand's garments that have specific logos as well as the cool zippers and pockets.