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There are different types of men's slippers created for every need. Some waterproof items are great for going out to the beach, while others are designed to warm and support the feet indoors. Bed slippers for men can be made of leather, canvas, or other textile, and the soles will be flexible, for maximum comfort. On the other hand, many men like wearing sandals for simply going around the street, and slip-on comfortable designs are available for this occasion. These items are best worn with casual clothing, such as jeans, shorts, or canvas trousers. Combining them with beach wear and bermuda shorts is also a good idea to create a casual weekend look. When people choose slippers, they need to consider the shape of their feet: some people prefer slippers that have only one strap, others prefer adjustable buckles for maximum comfort.

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When it comes to casual footwear, nothing comes close to slippers. Slippers are the most casual and comfortable footwear to choose. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They come in many different designs and, therefore, can make a strong fashion statement. There are different types of men's slippers to pick. For instance, there are different slippers for beach, home, washroom etc. There are also many different brands in the market, some international others local. You can now get all sorts of slippers from all leading brands at the best price online in Nepal at Kaymu.

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When you are looking for the perfect slippers or a sandal, your first stop should be Kaymu. The site has high resolution photos of all items, and a detailed description of the size and fit, so customers can make the right decision. There are beachwear, soft open toe, and even leather slippers available to buy immediately. People who are looking for good quality items, or have a brand preference will find amazing Gucci slippers and real leather footwear at unbeatable prices. As many people today spend the evening at home or recreation, they spend more time wearing slippers than ever before. Making sure that the footwear is both comfortable and elegant is not easy. One needs to consider how soft the soles are and how much the feet are supported. Generally, flip-flops are not suitable for all people, but those men's slippers that provide enough support and soft comfort are great for walking around the house and the street alike. Check out Kaymu's great selection of slippers below.

How to buy men slippers in Nepal

Slippers are also known as flip flops. They are casual in nature and perfect for summers. This is because they are loose and you can wear them without socks. This means that air can easily pass through, keeping you cool. But buying slippers is not as easy as it seems. You need to consider many things. The following guide will come in handy in this regards.

What to look for when buying men's slippers

Following are the key things to consider when buying slippers for men:

Size and Fit:

The most important thing, like with all footwear, are the size and fit. You need to opt for perfect size and fit. An ill fitted slipper will not only look unappealing to the eye but will also feel really uncomfortable to wear. It may also lead to injuries in severe cases. The slippers should fit you like a glove. They should fit snugly and feel comfortable.


The material you choose is extremely important. It also directly depends on the weather in which you will be wearing the slipper to. In summers, you need to opt for cool and lightweight stuff. In winters, you will most probably not be wearing slippers. But if you do, opt for one which is warm.


As slippers are casual footwear, you can experiment with different colors. You can opt for subtle colors like black, brown, grey and navy, or opt for flashy colors like blue, green, yellow and red. It all depends on your personal preferences which color you opt for.  


Slippers are something that, if bought right, can last for a really long time. If you want to invest in few but quality slippers that will serve you for ages, then you must never compromise on quality. Opt for slippers which are durable and can survive all sorts of ruggedness and rough treatment.

Where to wear them

Slippers are highly diverse footwear choice in the sense that it can be worn at all casual occasions. But you need to take into account the material of the slippers. For instance, if you are heading to the beach, you would need a pair of slippers that are waterproof or does not get affected by water. Same goes with washroom slippers. On the other hand, if you are heading to the supermarket or a light walk in the park, you can opt for a durable material that is comfortable and will last a long time as well.