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Men's ties come in different colors and materials. This also applies to scarves. Generally, scarves are ten inches wide. Essentially, these are pieces of cloth that are draped around the neck as a fashion statement, provide protection from extreme weather conditions and even used to cover the head.

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Men should realize that cladding a scarf is not something to be intimidated about. Rather, a scarf lends you the creativity to experiment with different colors and dress up however you want. Match it up with different types of outfits, of varying designs and colors, and off you go in sheer style and grace. Scarves for men generally have a very masculine appeal and look classy on a number of casual, semi-formal and formal occasions. Scarves have great functional value in harsh weather conditions. A look at the pictures of military troops in several wars reveals that this was one of the most staple or essential men's accessories for most soldiers.

Different Materials of a Scarf

Men's scarves in Nepal are present in a variety of materials. A woolen scarf protects you from the chilly weather. A cotton or linen scarf is highly breathable and protects you from the hot and humid climate that is typical of deserts or other tropical regions. Silk scarves also look highly swanky on formal occasions. Choose from Kaymu's stylish range of Burberry, LV and Gucci signature scarves and head out to any event in style. Buy cashmere and Pashmina scarves at unbeatable prices. Cashmere scarves include all sorts of colors. A cashmere scarf in wide ranging colors can greatly amp up the appeal of an otherwise dull outfit. It also provides a good color contrast.

Various Styles in Men's Ties

Men's ties are also present at highly affordable prices at Kaymu Nepal. They also feature a variety of materials and styles. Choose according to whatever suits you for a particular occasion and you are good to go! A tie is normally worn on formal occasions and events with a suit and pants or a dress shirt, but nowadays there is a greater trend towards wearing casual ties.

Various Scarf Styles

You can choose from rectangular to circular as well as skinny scarves for men at Kaymu. Scarves also tend to differ in their length and width. Pick according to your height and weight and of course, your style orientation and preferences. Going for heavier materials may be a good idea in the deep winters, but again, heaver materials are not feasible from a practical standpoint. The ideal go-to materials for winter include wool, cashmere and pashmina.

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