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Men's sandals are undoubtedly a highly popular form of men's footwear, the reason being they are not strictly casual or formal footwear but are something in between. The sandals offer great deal of comfort to the feet and look semi-formal too. The sandals shoes can be worn with all kinds of clothing except a strictly formal one. Many people wear sandals as a regular office footwear however they might not be a good choice for attending business meetings or conferences. There are leather sandals for men as well as those made out of many different synthetic materials. Those made out of genuine leather are quite costly whereas those made out of synthetic material are quite affordable.

Popular Sandals for Men Available at Kaymu

So if you have headed on a journey of men sandals online shopping in Nepal you are absolutely at the right place! This online marketplace in Nepal is a home to the widest variety of sandals from all popular brands.

Dress Sandals

All those who are seeking sandals for use with their dress pants and shirts, there is a wide variety of dress sandals available at Kaymu. The dress sandals are really good choice for use at outdoor cocktail parties, golf tournaments, event leaks and many more.

Fishermen Sandals

As the name implies, they take their name from the fishermen who invented them in the past. These sandals were worn only by fishermen during the early days until the day when they became quite popular across public. The best thing about these shoes is that they are ultra-durable, water resistant and let the feet breathe really well. They can be identified by a large strap running up the foot from toe.

Sports Sandals

As the name implies, the sports sandals are available in all sizes at Kaymu. These super-soft sandals are water proof and hardwearing. They were made especially for sportsmen but became highly popular across public soon. These days, people pair sports sandals with casual clothing such as tees and shorts or casual pants. Braded sports sandals from Adidas, Nike and many other brands are also available at Kaymu.

Flip Flops

The flip flops originated from Japanese Geta shoes. They are also called thongs. The flip flops for men can be identified by two straps that meet together between the two toes. The flip flops are available in many different designs with different comfort levels. They are an affordable and budget friendly solution for men who are seeking footwear for their casual days.

Slide-in Sandals

If you are seeking sandals that are more comfortable than the flip flops, you need buying out of the variety of slide-in sandals available at Kaymu. These sandals are super-soft and offer a really good grip. The best thing about slide-in sandals is that they are the easiest to wear and to take off because of their slide-in manufacturing.

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