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Men round necks are not old school. These are still a staple for men's wardrobe and every man must own atleast one round neck shirt. The best thing about these shirts is that they can be worn with a pair of matching jeans or can be used as undershirts. You can also wear them for layering in the winters. Therefore these shirts are the most versatile piece of clothing you own. These shirts are worn when you do not want to expose your chest and are quite stylish to wear. Men round neck shirts in Nepal are demanded by men with all body types. These look highly fashionable on men with lean, muscular body to enhance their upper body muscles.

You can buy round neck shirts online from Kaymu which offers them in a huge variety in varying colours and sizes. Some are available in plain solid colours while some have graphics or embroidery featured on them. These round neck shirts prices in Nepal are quite affordable at Kaymu as they are often available in a pack of two or four shirts at discounted rates.

Usage of men round neck shirts

Be it Tom Cruise in Top Gun or Daniel Craig in James Bond, all the heroic actors of Hollywood have worn round neck shirts in their movies. The fashion resurgence of round neck shirts is always on the arena. These can be worn to a number of places. Since round neck shirts are a perfect fit and have a stretchable material, these can be worn as an alternative to sweatshirts. They can be worn while jogging in a park or when exercising at the gym.

Things to look for in men's round neck shirts

When buying round neck shirts for men's there are certain things you must look for before selecting your favourite shirt.

1- Decide the purpose for which you shall be wearing a round neck shirt. Some of these can be worn with jeans while others can be worn with a pair of matching blazes, coats, dress shirts, etc.

2- Make sure that the shirts you buy are the perfect fit. Loose or tightly fitted shirts can badly affect your outlook.

3- There are shirts with different designs and prints on them. Some are too casual and can be worn while sleeping while some can be worn when hanging out with friends.

4- The material of these shirts also varies. These are mostly made of cotton or nylon so that these can be worn comfortably throughout the year. These shirts also durable and breathable and can smartly absorb sweat.

5- Colours including whites, blacks, browns, and blues are commonly used to pair with any number of shirts. You can always experiment with new colours and styles.

6- The sleeves of these shirts also vary according to personal preference of the customers. Some like half-sleeve shirts while some like full-sleeves round neck shirts. These men's shirts online shopping can be done from Kaymu.