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Choosing a perfume in Nepal which is best suited to your needs can be a cumbersome process, but if you pick the right one, it will be surely be a treat for you and for those around you. A good fragrance has the ability to make heads turn and help you stand out on any occasion. You can buy men's perfumes in Nepal at Kaymu at the best possible prices.

Various Types of Men's Fragrances in Nepal Available Online

Men's fragrances can be typically divided into three different categories or notes. These range from citrus to spicy and green notes. Citrus notes provide a perfect reminder of spring and summer seasons while green fragrances are natural/organic notes ideal for all seasons. Go for subtle spicy fragrances for that winter poise that will become your hallmark.

Other subdivisions of scents include oceanic, woodsy, floral, aquatic, and leather notes. Floral fragrances gear you up for the exotic spring season ahead. They are gentle and powerful and integrate many variations. As for woodsy aromas, they are redolent of sandalwood and cedar smells that are oh-so-reminiscent of forests.

Oceanic perfumes have a fresh, crisp aroma and they require fusion of citrus and floral notes to strike just the right balance.

Choose from the best seller brands of men's perfumes such as Bvlgari, Hugo Boss, Jeanne Arthes, Versace at Kaymu Nepal and smell your ultimate best on any occasion.

Suitability of Men's Fragrances According to the Occasion

Choose the right type of fragrance to go with your attire, whether it is intended for casual or for formal wear. If you are headed out to a casual hang out with friends, a refreshing citrus aroma would definitely work best. However, someone with a more exclusive taste in fragrances is likely to wear a spicy fragrance on strictly white-tie and black-tie events. It may be also be desirable to consider wearing a perfume in line with your personality and mood. Shop from perfume brands like Victoria Secret for women's perfumes, and Calvin Klein, Chanel, Azzaro, Escada, Bvlgari etc. to create your very own style statement wherever you step out.

Men's perfumes essentially comprise several notes that fuse to make an overall mixture. Top notes are the notes you would smell first and only stay for several minutes before the middle notes surface. These are eventually followed by base notes which are more powerful and stay for the longest time period.

Convenient Shopping Online

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