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Men's loafers as many of us already know are one of the most comfortable types of shoes in the market. These slip-on shoes do not need any laces and are just like the moccasins. Many people compare men's loafer shoes with men's slippers because of their ability to easily slip on and off. The loafers are versatile shoes and are usually worn in a number of settings which include the everyday casual uses to events and even at formal occasions. In the modern day you may find men's loafers in a number of designs and styles to meet your personal needs. Buying men's loafers in Nepal is not a big deal when Kaymu is your online shopping partner.

These seemingly casual but practically semi-formal shoes are flat and low however sometimes they also come with a low heel in order to make them pair well with a suit of dress pants. It is recommended to wear loafer shoes with a pair of socks however some of them come with softer soles and inner manufacturing that allows comfortable wearing even without socks. The leather men's loafer shoes in Nepal are more popular than those made of cheaper materials however due to their high price, some people opt for affordable ones. The types of loafer shoes for men available online at Kaymu Nepal include but are not limited to:

Penny Loafers

These loafer shoes are designed in a way that they look perfect with casual wear as well as formal wear depending on the dress they are paired up with. They are come with a diamond shape on the top of the shoe for a stylish look. The penny loafers are preferred by many men for use with dress clothes.

Moccasin Loafers

These come with thick weaving going all over the upper part of shoe. This thick weave is also known as the vamp. The moccasin loafers are best when used with casual clothing. They are often worn by people for walking around the home.

Italian Loafers

These are usually recommended for use with dress slacks or jeans. Many people consider Italian loafers as the footwear for business attire. They come packed with formal appearance as well as true comfort. Usually they are manufactured with a metal strap across the top for added looks.

Plain Loafers

The plain loafers are the most common kind as the name shows. They are usually made out of leather and are sleek however stylish plain loafers are also available these days with added colors and features. The plain loafers are suitable for use with casual as well as dress wear.

Suede Loafers

Made out of suede material as their name tells, the suede loafers are ideal choice when they are paired with casual wear or jeans. The suede loafers are recommended for all kinds of parties and casual events however they may also be matched with formal dressing.

Tuxedo Loafers

The tuxedo loafers are among the oldest and most elegant kind of loafers in the market. They are usually made out of patent leather and ideally worn on formal settings. The black tie events are also best setting for wearing tuxedo loafers.

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