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While it may seem like men put no though while assembling their everyday outfits, quite the contrary is true. Men's fashion is all about looking effortless yet chic and it is extremely tricky especially if you do not get the right fit or color in clothing and the right piece for jewelry for men. With the passage of time though more and more awareness is being created on how men should stay up to date with trends. They are moving away from the boring jeans and white shirt image and experimenting more with colors and even accessories. Previously the only time we saw men wearing jewelry was on their wedding or some sort of religious emblems but now men all over the world are stepping out of their comfort zone too look cool and sassy. The age limit for men who wear jewelry is also dulling. Now we see men of all ages shopping online for some sort of jeweled accessory.

Online Men's Jewelry Shopping in Nepal

If you are one such man then begin your accessory galore with a chain & necklace. It is the most subtle of a men's jewelry item to pull off. This is true because a bracelet or any such thing around the arm is not too in the face. Men are also already in the habit of wearing something on their wrist such as a wrist watch. Men's wrist jewelry comes in many different shapes and sizes. The cuff is a stiff metal or bronze bangle which is non – bendable and is worn by itself. Masculine shapes of cuff such as horseshoe shoe shaped cuff bracelet reminds you the stables and gives a cowboy feel to the urban city man. Bands also known as the friendship bands are fashioned out of thread (woolen or cotton). These are weaved in different patterns and from multiple (or even single) color. A band is the most lightweight wrist jewelry and does not need extra care so you can just wear to shower or sleep. In fact the aged look of a band looks better than a flashy new feel. Bracelets are metallic chain links combined in a loop form. They may or may not have bead, stones encrusted in them for added blind. Bracelets & cuffs worn by men are slightly looser than those worn by women. This gives the bracelet more freedom to move from wrist to palm giving the man a cool and casual feel.

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Men are not big fans of flashy rubies, diamonds and other gemstones for them, the more understated the better. They are only looking for creating some sort of interest in their regular outfits that is why they prefer the aged feel to jewelry. Something that will look like it has been passed down generation. We at Kaymu recommend men's jewelry in Nepal with rustic materials such as the hammered metal, blackened steel with symbols such as skulls, studs and spikes used for decoration.