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If you want to get ahead, get a hat and there are plenty to be found at the Kaymu online marketplace. At Kaymu find casual caps, baseball, cadet and newsboy caps in a variety of materials. Look online at the Kaymu hat selection where there are baseball caps, newsboy and yachting caps. Kaymu have a selection of formal hats, smart leather hats and straw hats. For winter caps and hats look at Kaymu and discover hats with embroidered emblems and novelty hats. Buying men's hats from Kaymu is easy. Just register online then enter simple identification details to receive men's hats within a few days.

Smart men's hat complete an outfit

The best caps for men have been seen on the European catwalks. Handsome, flat brimmed mens' hats have been shown with tailored, two-button suits and broad-brimmed hats with overcoats. Functional hats protect men from the elements, they can also make men look taller and cover hair imperfections. Men feel good in a stylish hat so choose one from the exciting collection at Kaymu and walk tall with a spring in the step.

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Headwear has been around for many centuries and has evolved in style. In ancient times men who used to wear headwear were either royals or rulers. Headwear used to represent power, status and wealth. In the modern world, men like to wear hats for a number of reasons. Hats not only protect the head from heat but makes the wearer look stylish. There are a number of different styles and designs of men's hats & caps in Nepal. There are several brands that have introduced high fashion hats for men.

Guide for Buying Hats for Men

When buying hats for men in Nepal, there are a number of options to select from. It is important for shoppers to keep few tips in mind to get the perfect hats for themselves.


As mentioned earlier, there are a number of hat designs and styles that buyers can get for themselves.


This design has been around for many years and makes men look extremely sophisticated. A fedora is creased lengthwise till the middle which gives it a crown like shape.


These are a good option for formal business looks because this design has a center-crease crown shape and are usually made from fur or straw.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps look great with casual attire like a nice pair of jeans and t-shirt. These are usually made from cotton with rounded crown and stiff peak.


A snapback cap also known as a Hip hop cap is quite popular these days as celebrities and other socialites are seen wearing them. These are round shaped with a flat peak.


Hats and caps for men are designed in a number of different materials which buyers can easily get according to their choice. Whether you are looking for summer or winter caps online, you can easily get them at Kaymu. Following are the materials from which hats for men are made from;


Wool is a very thick material for hats and usually winter caps are made from this material. Beanies and other type of hats and caps are made from wool to protect the head from the cold weather. Buy wool men's hats in Nepal at reasonable prices.


This is thick and durable material which is commonly used to make hats is used by popular brands. This gives the hats a very fine finish which makes the hats look classy.


Silk is a very soft material which is used to make vintage hats for men. This material is considered to be very luxurious.


Straw is used as the woven part of the hats which act like a ribbon to give the hat a creased shape.

Get the best men hats prices in Nepal online at Kaymu! Shoppers can select from a wide collection of hats for men in several designs and colors. It is very important to know the kind of style, color and material you want for your hat.