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Casual shoes play a primary role in every person's life. No matter you are a man or a woman, you'll always need to have a pair of extremely soft casual shoes that would take your entire day's stress away. Out of the most popular casual shoes for men are the flip flops. These extraordinary soft and lightweight shoes are the best choice for a man to not only get his feet relaxed but to also stay comfortable throughout the day. The flip flops are strictly a casual footwear so they are a good choice for strolling around the home on a lazy weekend or at the end of a tiring day as you get home. Kaymu always takes care of its customers by ensuring comprehensive variety of products to fit various needs. Buying men's flip lop in Nepal may involve a lot of hassle as you need to get to a local footwear store and find the right product out of many showcased there. At Kaymu all this hassle has been removed. The largest online marketplace of Nepal has made sure that all the leading footwear retailers in Nepal are onboard with all their products listed online at competitive prices. The buyers can make price comparison of shoes listed online and get benefited from the best deals available at Kaymu. To know more about flip flop prices in Nepal and about men's flip flops available at Kaymu, please continue reading.

Materials that are used to Make Flip Flops for Men

Flip flops for men are manufactured by making use of many different materials. Material preference varies from person to person so continue reading to know more about the materials and how they can help you.


The rubber flip flops are not only popular because of their softness but also because of their elasticity and strong resistant to water. They can be worn in all kinds of weather conditions and offer a cushioning effect. Moreover, the rubber flip flops are anti-slip shoes so they are safer than the rest.


If you are in search of flip flops that are softer than anything then you need opting for the foam flip flops. These are softer than rubber and extremely comfortable in use. The foam flip flops are ideal for use on a casual stroll in the home or in the neighborhood. The only disadvantage of foam flip flops is that their material is not too strong to provide protection to the feet from any potential hazards.


The plastic flip flops are highly durable and their material is easy to mold into various shapes. These flip flops are not very comfortable but are highly durable. The plastic flip flops come in a number of designs that despite prolonged use do not get faded off. These shoes offer best performance in wet weather conditions.


The leather flip flops are most expensive type as they are made out of genuine leather. They are perfect for leather enthusiasts however for the environmentally conscious people, the artificial leather flip flops are also available at Kaymu. Men wearing these flip flops do not look to casual nor do they look too dressed up.


The flip flops made out of a fabric or canvas are for those men who want minimum stress on their toes. These fabric-based shoes offer maximum comfort and are made only for use within the home. In order to buy men's Flip flops online, make sure to browse complete variety and pick the one that perfectly defines your footwear preferences.