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It’s not only women who are crazy about wearing the right accessories to match with their outfits. Men are also conscious of fashion around them. Cufflinks are an appropriate fashion accessory worn by men on trouser suits and even some ethnic wear, including shalwar kameez. These accessories add life and colour to your outfit and depict your personality as quite organized with a well-versed dressing style. These are usually worn when attending some formal event to give you a more professional outlook. These are available in both designer and non-designer variety at Kaymu.

You can buy men cufflinks online from Kaymu which offers them in a variety of styles and designs. These cufflinks are durable and trendy so that they are up-to-date with the current fashion. Men's cufflinks prices in Nepal are also quite affordable at Kaymu so that these are accessible to a large number of men.

Types of men cufflinks

There are different types of cufflinks for men with small variations related to style, fit, colour, and material. Here are some of the commonly worn cufflinks.

Bullet back cufflinks

These are commonly available in the market and are easiest to wear. The hook of this cufflink is torpedo-shaped or like a bullet which can swivel whole 360degrees or mostly 90degrees to securely lock it. You need to simply push it through the button hole and adjust it on your shirt.

Fixed stud cufflinks

These cufflinks are small in size and lightweight. This cufflink has a fixed back but is quite secure than other types. The structure of this cufflink includes a large head, straight post, and a small backing. The smaller backing is pushed through the button hole and then straightened to lock the cufflink.

Chain cufflinks

These men cufflinks in Nepal are the traditional type. Both the sides of a cufflink are attached through a chain. The chain is made of high quality, durable metal, and allows looser fastening of the cufflink. This type of cufflink is quite flexible and very fascinating.

Whale back cufflinks

These cufflinks are simple in design and mechanism. A single cufflink has a flat head, a continuous post, and a whale tail at the end. This whale tail can be easily inserted through the button hole and then flips against the post to secure the lock.

Ball return cufflinks

These cufflinks have a unique and innovative design. The back of the cufflink has a ball structure which is immovable. They have a slightly loose fastening and are often made of precious metals including gemstones. Because of the curves in the cufflinks, they are easy to slip-on.

Silk knot cufflinks

Similar to chain cufflinks, the two sides of a cufflink are joined trough a flexible silk cord. The heads of these cufflinks have decorative knots made of silk. These are available in multiple colours. These men's cufflinks online shopping can be done from Kaymu.

Fabric cufflinks

The head of this type of cufflink has a fabric material instead of some metal or gemstone. These have any number of fastener styles and are worn casually.