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Men's Coats Shopping Online in Nepal - (3 products found)

Look stylish with the wide range of men coats at Kaymu Nepal

Men coats in Nepal are a fashion statement. Whether you need to wear them when it is really cold and windy outside or if you want to make a fashion statement at a party, then Kaymu has you covered. Find the complete range right here along with enjoying the various Men coats prices in Nepal as well.

The style of men coats is vast and choosing the right one will be a difficult decision because you are always spoiled by choices. Each one is suited for a specific occasion along with different weathers as well.

Wool Coats

When you buy men coat online, you will surely come across a wool coat. This coat is highly sophisticated and looks timeless. There are a variety of substyles in this form; a classic pea coat one or even a trench style one. The classic wool coat is very warm and has been around since a long period of time. The beauty of this coat is that it can be in the casual and formal coats for men’s category at the same time.

Bomber Coat

The Bomber coat and jacket style is made for slightly cold weathers where you can slip into it and enjoy a walk. The fit is highly athletic which emphasizes the body structure along with giving a good look. There are easy zip styles present on the bomber coat and is a highly trendy option.

Down Coats

Down coats are a necessity when you have to bear the long durations of cold spells around you. These also come in handy for people who generally feel cold as compared to others. There are multiple types of feather linings that can easily bear the harshest of cold winds. Down coats can be a little pricey when it comes to men coats online shopping but it is recommended to splurge on them once.             


Parkas are slightly longer than the average waist coat. They can vary in terms of attributes such as the style, the fabric and the weight. Many people prefer to buy them because they result in a good layering option. You can easily wear them over a warm sweater and you will have the adequate level of warmth with these casual coats along with wind protection as well. If you want to have a greater amount of insulation, then go for a down-lined parka instead of a cotton one.

Quilted Jackets

Quilted jackets are used for mild temperatures and they are used by a large number of people. They are very light in weight, have a proper fitting along with giving off a highly sleek look. People who want to look stylish along with pulling off the best looks, should go for this type.

Leather Coats

Leather coats have been around since forever and intend to stay here as well. These are heavier than other materials and are considered to be the warmer option in different types of fabrics.