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Make your wardrobe complete with stylish blazers for men

A blazer is an essential item when it comes to a man’s wardrobe. Men’s blazers in Nepal have been a style statement for a long period of time and they intend to stay. The beauty of a blazer is that it can be used in a casual look and in a formal one. When wearing this, you need to match pants in a different color with them so that your look is complete.

Blazer Styles

When you have to buy Men Blazers online in Nepal, the first thing you need to decide upon is the style of the blazer. In the current age, there have been hybrid of styles present in the blazer designs but when we go back to their origin, there are two basic types of blazers that people can choose from.

1- American Style Blazer

An American style blazer is one of the men casual coats that are widely bought. This has a 2 button style that supports soft shoulders. The pockets of the jacket can either be flap pockets or patch ones depending on the choice of the wearer. The lapels in these jackets are broad so that people can place pins on them. There is the option of a center vent or a double vent that people can select from depending on their personal styles.

 2- English Style Blazer:

The English Style blazers are slightly more fitted than the rest. They have structured shoulders along with suppressed waists. One of the important features of these coats are that they build out the chest region along with having a less box shape appearance.


These are available in either single or double breasted styles. The double breasted style has double vents along with peak lapels. The single breasted versions have notch lapels that offer 2 or 3 buttons on them.

Blazer Buttons

The men’s blazer prices in Nepal vary according to the blazer buttons as well. These can be delicate pearl buttons or heavy solid ones. Each one changes up the look of the blazer. Generally, the buttons are made from brass but they can be changed according to the preference of the wearer. For the spring and summer seasons, pearl buttons are used, silver buttons are used for the fall season and gold buttons are used for the winters.

Fitting of the Blazer

A blazer is supposed to fit in the same style such as a suit jacket or a sports coat. There should be room in the shoulders region to allow proper arm movement. Though, the shoulders should not over extend to more than 1.5 inches of the end.

Proper room should be available in the chest region to button the jacket completely. The sleeves should extend up to the wrist bone and should show around 0.25 to 0.75 inches of the shirt cuff when the person is standing straight. Lastly, the jacket length should fully cover your back and should fall below the belt that you intend to wear.