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Importance of SD memory cards

Smartphones have completely revolutionized our society today. Due to global competition, there are numerous smartphones available in the market. No matter how expensive your smartphone is, it is nothing without its advanced accessories which enhance its usage. For advanced functioning of your phone, you require high quality devices such as memory cards or SD memory cards. A memory card is used to store and transfer data from and into your mobile phones, be it for personal or professional use. An SD card is a smallest form of memory card that provides high capacity memory in portable devices. The data storage in these devices depend on their internal storage capacity.

Buy SD memory cards online from Kaymu

Whether you're doing an important business assignment or watching a season on Netflix, you need to ensure data backup all the time. This enables you to perform your tasks without worrying about data storage. Memory cards for phones in Nepal store data for pictures, texts, videos, etc. These devices are versatile in nature as well as highly portable. Efficient in functioning, they allow immediate access. You can buy memory SD cards online in Nepal in varying shapes and sizes from Kaymu. These cards fit into the memory card slots present in different devices, including DSLRs, smartphones, gaming consoles, etc.

Features of SD memory card

Different devices present in the market require different SD cards. There are some essential features of SD card which allows you to determine which one will best suit your purpose. SD card prices in Nepal are based on these features. Let's have a look at these important features.


SD memory cards are very small in size. There are three major sizes, Standard-size, Mini-SD, and Micro-SD cards. Standard cards are 32x24x2.1 mm in size. Mini cards are 21.5x20x1.4 mm, and are specifically designed for mobile phones. Micro SD cards are 15x11x1 mm in size. These are commonly used in all types of smartphones. You may often require an adapter to plug in a SD card into its appropriate slot.


Most smartphones support SDHC standard for the capacity of a SD card. A 16 GB memory card in Nepal is a good enough capacity, depicting that there is ample storage capacity available in the phone to store music, videos and photos. Different apps within the phones also have certain storage capacity which allows these phones to fill up the storage.  However, a 16 GB Micro SD Memory Card is an ideal storage device for mobile phones as well as tablets. It can easily be plugged into the storage slot and functions smoothly. 


A standard SD card for mobile phones is a micro SD card. Some smartphones use universal memory cards that are easily available, while some use specific cards produced by the mobile phone companies.

Other features

A reliable SD card like Samsung 64 GB Memory Card needs to have secure data storage, intelligent data writing and instant recover from failures. This will ensure high performance and improve the life of the SD card.