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Memory cards in Nepal are always needed because they provide a good storage option. Memory cards are used to store the images and videos along with other important files when they are placed inside a device. Many of the cameras, camcorders, smartphones and various other devices require them to store files.

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Choosing the right type of memory card

When you are memory cards online shopping, you need to look out for the types of memory cards there are. Choosing the type directly depends upon the requirement you have for the card. Some people might need them to store good quality and high definition multimedia while others need them to store different documents. There are different types required for each of the purposes.

Secure Digital Cards (SD Cards)

Secure Digital (SD) cards are the widely used memory cards there are. These are mostly found in many types of camcorders, cameras and computer accessories. When you are going to buy Memory cards online, you will find variations in their types. SD cards are split into three types in which the differentiation is of the maximum capacity and the speed.

1- SD Cards: these provide a maximum of 2 GB of capacity along with a 2 MB/s of reading speed as well.

2- SDHC Cards: these are High Capacity cards which offer up to 64 GB of capacity along with a maximum of 24 MB/s reading speed with it.

3- SDXC Cards: SDXC cards are the extended capacity cards which give a space of up to 2 TB. The maximum reading speed here is of 104 MB/s.

MicroSDHC and MicroSDXC Cards

The Micro Secure Digital (MicroSD) cards are the smaller sizes of the SD cards. They are generally placed inside smaller devices such as mobiles, tablets and a few of the cameras and camcorders as well. These are also divided according to the capacity and speeds like the SD cards.

Memory Cards and SD Cards for Cameras

Our huge collection of memory cards and sd cards features products from the world's best manufacturers of removable media products including SanDisk, Integral, PNY, Kingston and storage devices by Samsung and Verbatim. They are available in a range of classes and write speeds, with basic camera users likely to purchase class 4 or 6 cards and photography pros choosing faster memory cards such as those in SanDisk's Extreme and Pro ranges. Cards come with a variety of capacities so it is important to think about how you will use them before purchasing. For example, if you take photos occasionally then a 4GB card will likely suffice. However, if you use your camera to also capture HD video then you really should consider 32GB or even 64GB cards. At Kaymu, we pride ourselves on our extensive options and fantastic prices and we're confident that you will be satisfied with our incredible service.

CompactFlash Cards

CompactFlash memory cards are used by people who have professional uses. This type is generally found in professional level DSLRs and capture some of the high resolution photos and videos that you need. Moreover, these cards offer fast frame rates as well. Many people use the 32 GB memory cards of this type to store a number of important items.

Speed of the Memory Cards

There are two types of speeds that need to be considered in a memory card. These are the read and the write speeds.

The read speed of the card refers to how quickly the data can be transferred from the card. When the read speed is faster, the data will transfer more rapidly.

The write speed refers to how fast the data can be saved on the card. This is very important when you have to save images or videos constantly when you are working professionally or on the go. If you have high resolution cameras, then you require large capacity memory cards for this.

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