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Medicine has been a gift to mankind ever since its origin. But studying medicine is no easy task. It is known to be one of the toughest undergrad courses taken by people. The immense hard work and time that goes into becoming a doctor cannot be put into words. Managing course load with their personal lives can prove to be very difficult for students these days. But Kaymu just made it a little bit easier for these students. They can now buy medical books online. The website offers a variety of books for its customers.

Books online shopping can save a lot of time for these students that they can spend on other things. It is only possible by choosing Kaymu as your online books store. It also offers the best medical books prices in Nepal. This way students can buy their course books without burdening their parents’ pockets. Some of the books available on the website include:

Text Book of Pathophysiology

This course book is required for students doing BSc, BMLT, B pharmacy or nursing. Pathophysiology is a course that is a hybrid between the two disciplines pathology and physiology. This book explains the disordered physiological processes associated with disease or injury. This is important for treating patients with PTSD or other such trauma induced diseases.

Microbiology for Nursing

As the name suggests, this book is a prerequisite course for nursing. Microbiology in itself is a very important discipline and entails the study of microscopic organisms. These organisms include the likes of fungi, protozoa, bacteria, viruses and archaea. This discipline of science entails knowledge from other disciplines like cell biology, ecology, biochemistry, physiology and agent-host responses.

Essential Child Health Nursing

This is one book that is not only beneficial to medical students but also to the general public. Child health nursing is an important domain in life and should be known to everyone. Both men and women should know how to care for a child. Whether it’s their own or someone else’s. Emergencies don’t come knocking, they come when you least expect them. So it’s better to be prepared before mayhem occurs.

Staff Nurse Entrance

The authors of this book include Ishwor Ghimire, Saral Lamichane, Sharad Pd Dahal and Sushil Sharma. They make staff nurse entrance easy with their portrayal of real life instances. The course encourages friendly encounters with patients. And how to respond to unanticipated rage from certain patients. In the hospitality sector, good behavior is everything. If the patient is happy with your service, only then your job is complete. Otherwise you’re not doing a very well job.

Medical Books in Nepal

These are just a few examples of the books you can find on Kaymu’s web portal. There are a number of other books available related to computers books, Novels, Drama, cooking etc. Medical books in Nepal can now easily be delivered to your doorstep if you order through the website. There are different authors of different course books so that students can buy the ones required by their professors.