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Buying cosmetics in Nepal was never this easy! Kaymu has made online shopping experience, the most amazing for people in Nepal. The country's largest online marketplace has the leading sellers of cosmetics in Nepal onboard and have all their products listed online. The buyers get the freedom to make price comparisons, read customer reviews and check seller ratings to make sure that they pay only for the products that are top rated. It is a fact that every woman requires a fully equipped makeup wardrobe and a set of colors and makeup products that can help transforming her from casual to formal looks.Buying the right makeup products in Nepal is quite a job and requires keeping in mind the quality and pricing before making a choice. Kaymu makes sure that you find the best face makeup and all other products as you shop online. To make sure that your dressing table has all the makeup essentials on it, please read below about the types of makeup products available at Kaymu's online shopping community in Nepal.

Huge Collection of Cosmetics Available Online at Amazing Prices

With Kaymu as your online shopping destination, you have an access to the endless variety of cosmetic products in Nepal available at affordable prices. The leading retailers of Nepal can have products manufactured by all leading brands, listed at Kaymu. Have a look at the products you can actually buy from Kaymu.


The foundation helps you creating a smooth and even surface of your face skin. As the name implies, this cosmetic product helps you creating a perfect foundation before you can apply makeup.


The concealer, as the name suggests, helps you covering all the dark circles and the blemishes on your face. None of us has a spotless face which is why a concealer is considered as one of the makeup essentials.


The face powder helps you setting the makeup and make it last for a longer time duration. The powder also helps you cutting down extra shine on your face and giving it a perfect matte finish.


With the help of blush on, you can accentuate your bone structure. The blush also helps you brightening up your complexion and ensure a glowing bright face. The blushes manufactured by Diana of London and all other popular brands are available at Kaymu's online marketplace.


As the name suggests, unlike blush, the bronzer darkens the complexion and gives it a sun-kissed glow. The bronzer is used by makeup artists for giving a special touch to the makeup.


The lip liner makes it possible for you to prime your lips and make your lipstick stay on your lips for as long as you desire. In fact, the lip liners enhance the life of your lipstick. You can find lip liners from Florelle, Loreal and all other brands at Kaymu.


The most popular ladies cosmetics are the lipsticks. They accent your mouth with a matte or glossy finish. The lipsticks in Nepal are available in many different colors at Kaymu from all popular brands. The lipsticks from Revlon, L'oreal, Da Vinci, DazzMatazz and all other renowned brands are available at Kaymu.


The eyeliners, as the name suggests, help you improving the appearance of your eyes. They are available in pencil form as well as in liquid form. The liquid eyeliners are used by women who require creating a dramatic effect with their eyes.

Eyeshadows & Mascaras:

The eyeshadows and mascaras are among the eye makeup essentials all over the world. These cosmetics tools help you giving your eyes the touch they truly deserve.

Apart from the cosmetics stated above, Kaymu also offers all other beauty products in Nepal that include nail care products, cosmetic brushes and a lot more manufactured by the best cosmetics brands available in Nepal.