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Magazines and newspapers have been around for many years. There are different types of magazines that shoppers can get but newspapers are usually the same. However you can get newspapers in the local language or in English. Magazines & Newspaper in Nepal are enjoyed by everyone because these give different knowledge about several topics. Also you can learn about the latest trends of fashions and other related topics from magazines.

Kaymu offers a diverse collection of newspapers and magazines online. You can easily pick out the one you like that matches your interests. Magazines can be a little expensive especially depending on the type you are looking for. Kaymu offers the best magazine prices in Nepal. You can also avail bundle deals which will help you purchase more at one reduced price. Also whichever items you select to purchase can be bought with a cash on delivery option.

Types of Magazines and Newspapers

Buyers can select from a massive collection of both these reading materials. Newspapers can be used for research work, to look at trends of several things and other information. Buyers can take a look at different sections of the newspapers. Buy newspaper and magazines online at Kaymu without worrying about anything.


There are thousands of fashion magazines that shoppers can get for themselves. These cover fashion related topics of clothes, jewelry, handbags, makeup accessories, footwear and so on forth. You can easily look at the latest fashion trends and learn what is in and what is not. There might be a special section in newspapers as well which can cover fashion related topics. Get the most amazing newspaper prices in Nepal online at Kaymu.

Health and Beauty

Health and beauty magazines in Nepal are very popular because people want to know about different tips. These magazines usually cover skin care issues, hair problems and beauty related topics. You can also purchase these magazines to get to know about which makeup products are being used the most. Also how to apply different types of beauty products and which ones will suit you. You can purchase every type of glamour magazines online at Kaymu.


Sports is enjoyed by both men and women and people who like to stay updated can select from a wide collection of sports magazines. Also every newspaper has a sports section which the readers can look at as a part of their daily routine. You can look at the highlights of a match that you missed or keep a look out on the upcoming matches.



These are the most preferred ones because these cover almost every topic in the world. From the top restaurants to eat, clothes, accessories, events and what. These magazines cover everything you need to know about what is going on around the world. With the help of pictures, these make it interesting for the readers. So go ahead and grab all your favorite magazines and newspapers online at Kaymu. Have a nice shopping experience!