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Buy lunch boxes online via Kaymu

Food is a necessity which no one can ignore. When going to school, the best thing for children is carrying lunch boxes. These are used to store food items so that you can carry them with you. Not only school children, but adults also carry lunch boxes with them when going for work. It is important that these lunch boxes must maintain hygiene so that your health is not compromised. You can buy lunch boxes online from Kaymu where these are available in a variety of styles and designs. These are both durable and reliable. The lunch box prices in Nepal are quite affordable at Kaymu so that they are accessible to a large number of customers.

Things to consider when buying lunch boxes

Since lunch boxes in Nepal are available in a huge variety, it is difficult to select one that fulfills all your requirements.


Buy a lunchbox that fit the food capacity you require. This is the most essential feature of a lunch box. Small children often have lunch boxes based on their food intake. When buying a lunchbox for an adult, get the one according to his eating capacity.


For schoolchildren, plastic lunchboxes are often used since they are durable and do not easily allow wear and tear. There are also metal lunchboxes that allow the food to remain warm. Mostly made of stainless steel, these are a bit limited in number.


There must be different compartments in a lunchbox to store different types of food in it. Without proper compartments, all the food items will mix into each other and the meal will no more be scrumptious. A proper lunch box must have space for fruits, pasta, fried food, etc. so that it is easier to eat whichever thing you want.

Cleaning and washing

A lunchbox must be such that it should be washed daily so that proper hygiene is maintained. It must be BPA free so that there is no harm in storing food. Special attention must be paid on this cause when selecting lunch box for children.


A lunch box must have tight lids on each of the compartments so that the food does not leak or fall out of the lunch box and create a complete mess. It should have tight hinges and the lids must fit perfectly so that the food is stored within the container. For school going children this feature is extremely essential so that they do not waste the food when swinging the lunchbox or tipping it.

Get electric lunchbox to eat warm food

Electric lunch box online shopping can be done from Kaymu where the latest collection of these lunchboxes is available. These must not be given to children as they have certain advanced features. They operate through battery and have temperature settings which enable you to warm your food within 10minutes. Though safe to use, they resist high temperature and power. They enable you to enjoy warm and fresh meal even away from home.